Happy Holidays, Survivors!

We’re excited to announce that next week we’ll be launching the first ever, Winter Assault Event. Unlike any other event we’ve had in the past, the Winter Assault Event is centered around Faction Assault!

Event Details

Starting Tuesday, Dec 18 @ 4 PM PDT the Winter Assault Event will begin. Players will earn holiday themed Collectibles from playing Faction Assault that they can redeem in the Museum for powerful rewards. We’re making some big changes to the Faction Assault ticket system and tier cooldown timers to allow factions and players to play Faction Assault even more throughout the event:

  • Daily Ticket Gift – Every day all players will be gifted 500 free Faction Assault tickets
  • Increased Ticket Generation – Faction Assault tickets generated from standard sources will be increased by 3x
  • Cooldown Timers Will be Turned Off – Cooldown timers for all tiers of Faction Assault will be disabled for the duration event. Yes, this means you can immediately start Faction Assault again once your faction finishes a run at any tier.

We’re really excited to give players greater access to Faction Assault during this holiday event, which ends Sunday, January 6.


Players will earn Collectibles from playing Faction Assault that they will redeem in the Museum for rewards.

The event Collectibles will be earned via the Rank Rewards for each Faction Assault playthrough. Important Note: The amount of Collectibles earned in Rank Reward will be the same across all player ranks! This means that all players in a faction will get the same amount of Collectible rewards, regardless of their rank for each Faction Assault attempt. Just make sure you get in a hit each attempt to ensure you receive your Collectible reward.

The amount of Collectibles rewarded per attempt depends on the difficulty Tier, with the higher Tiers providing more Collectibles.

In the Museum, event Collections can be redeemed for:

  • Winter Tokens
  • Legendary Gear – GPS, Canteen, Whetstone, Double Holster, Hockey Mask and Magazine Bandolier
  • Epic Gear – Hand Crank Radio, Military Watch, Weapon Tripod, Sports Gauntlet, Practice Dummy, Knife Sheath

Preparing for the Winter Assault Event

From today on, leading up to the launch of the Winter Assault Event, we highly recommend that your faction DOES NOT start a Faction Assault attempt. The reason we recommend this is because if your faction already has a cooldown timer active for a specific tier of Faction Assault that cooldown timer will not reset when the Winter Assault Event begins. You’ll need to wait for the full cooldown to expire before attempting that tier again. For example, if your faction completes a Tier 5 Faction Assault attempt on Sunday, Dec 16, you won’t be able to attempt Tier 5 again until the full 5-day cooldown expires (even though the Winter Assault Event starts on Tues Dec 18, and all cooldown timers will be removed from that day through the duration of the event).