Character Breakdowns


Rush: (85 AP) – Deal 725% Damage to one enemy. Up to 2 other teammates gain +100% AP.

Active: (Cooldown: 3) – All other teammates and enemies get -85 AP.

Specialist: Evasion – Whenever this character takes damage from an Attack or Rush, they will reduce the amount based on their current AP.

Weapon: When killed, -85 AP to all enemies.

Complimentary Characters

Alpha is a high-potential character that has the ability to dramatically influence the outcome of a battle. Her Rush not only deals a solid 725% damage, but also grants 2 teammates the ability to use their Rush. When combined with a timely use of her Active Skill, Alpha can significantly mitigate enemy assaults while further extending her own team’s advantage. As an example, you could use all other teammate’s Rushes, and then use Alpha’s active to not only setup for the next turn, but prevent the enemy team from utilizing their strategy. Similarly, if you find the enemy team is about to multi-Rush, you can use her active in a pinch to reset the tempo of battle and swing it in your team’s favor.

Consideration: Look for unique and effective ways to get Alpha’s Rush to trigger faster than expected in order to gain a huge advantage early on in combat.


Rush: (66 AP) – Taunt up to 4 enemies for 1 turn. Those enemies also get -85% Attack for 2 turns. This character and 1 teammate get Pain Split for 2 turns.

Active: (Cooldown: 3) – Taunt 1 enemy for 4 turns.

Specialist: Indomitable – While not stunned, whenever this character takes damage, they gain +30% Defense until the start of their next turn, in addition to any existing defense increases, including prior activations of this skill.

Weapon: Confuse: When being attacked, a better chance to Confuse the enemy for 2 turns.

Complimentary Characters

Beta is a beast of a tank for Alert-based teams that can be leveraged easily on both offense and defense. With a reasonably fast 66 Rush, Beta can potentially control 80% of the enemy team for a single turn (which can potentially be extended via his weapon effect), while also dramatically reducing their Attack strength (great for handling high-damage attack characters). Due to the constant barrage of attacks Beta will be receiving, Pain Split can share the damage among a teammate, while also getting a large defense boost from Indomitable. Additionally, Beta can Taunt a single enemy for 4 turns with his active, effectively taking an enemy out of the battle during those crucial early turns.

Consideration: Try pairing Beta with other tank or Pain Split characters, since those characters are typically built to handle constant incoming damage. This increases the chances that Pain Split lands on a tankier character, while also creating a powerful wall for your enemy to have to deal with. Just make sure to have a good healer to help protect them!


Rush: (58 AP) – Deal 350% Damage to one enemy. All teammates regain up to 25% of their max HP, gain +25% Bonus HP, and get +25% Defense for 2 turns.

Active: (Cooldown: 2) – Up to 3 teammates recover from Taunt and Confuse.

Specialist: Hold the Line – For every dead teammate, this Specialist receives +25% Defense and +25% Attack, in addition to any existing Attack or Defense increases, including prior activiations of this skill.

Weapon: Stun: When being attacked, a better chance to Stun the attacker for their next 2 turns.

Complimentary Characters

Elodie is an incredibly fast and versatile Medic that gives “a little bit of everything” all the time to her teammates. With a 58 Rush speed, she provides her entire team with Healing, Bonus HP, and Defense regularly. Additionally, she can deal a moderate amount of damage to enemy, which gets dramatically amplified in times of need, due to Hold the Line. Elodie is one of those characters that is deceptively and secretly powerful, since her kit allows her to provide huge comeback moments for her team. Her Active Skill is also flexible in helping teammates who are either affected by Taunt or Confuse, which can be key depending on the situation. To top it off, Elodie has a Stun when attacked weapon, making her even more difficult to take down.

Consideration: Do not be baited into ignoring Elodie when facing her on a Defense team. Her mixed combination of healing and defenses to her team, at the frequency she applies them, can be a blocker for many attack teams. Plus, leaving her for later means that Hold the Line will make her stronger, and as noted above, Elodie is capable of turning the fight around, especially when paired with Revive characters.