We’re coming up on the latest game release (19.0) and wanted to provide the community an update of what to expect. Below are a few of the key updates coming with 19.0, which is planned for release at the end of March.

Enemy Team AP Bar is now visible

The AP bar for enemy fighters is now displayed in combat below the HP bar. This addition will enable a deeper level of strategy in combat that we think players will enjoy. No more need to guess or open up the dossier to check!

Supply Depot now has a multi-buy option

Supply Depot now supports multi-buy functionality to speed up bulk purchases.

Territories Updates

We’ve made a few updates to Territories that are coming online with the 19.0 update, listed below:

  • Reduced Territory Notifications – Territory notifications have been consolidated to cut intrusive messaging
  • Added League Trophy Rewards for Walker Territory Battles – Walker Territory Battles now give small amounts of League Trophies

Harness the Power of the Horde

The 19.0 update will launch with an all-new event we’re extremely excited about. We’re not yet ready to go into the full details of this new event, but we wanted to give you a sneak peek (image below) of what’s to come. Get ready to unleash the power of the walker horde!

We’ll be revealing the full details of this new game event in the coming weeks leading up to the launch of 19.0. Stay tuned!