We’ll soon be launching an update to the Survivors Club that introduces two important additions:

1. New Survivors Club exclusive fighter: Julie
2. Increased roster cap for Subscribers Club members to 500

New Survivors Club Exclusive Fighter: Julie

Character Breakdown


Name: Tough


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Attack: 1,983

Health: 1,776

Defense: 1,669


Cost: 76 AP

Effect: Deal 2 attacks of 250% Damage (500% Total) to one enemy. Up to 2 enemies get Confuse for 3 turns and 100% Heal Reduction for 2 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 3

Cooldown: 2

Effect: Deal 600 Maim Damage to 1 enemy. This character gains +35% AP.

Specialist Skill

Name: Decapitate

Effect: If this specialist performs an action that kills an enemy character the enemy cannot be revived.

Special Weapon

3rd Slot Effect: When attacking, a better chance to make a second attack with 200% ATK.

Gameplay Walkthrough

If you are in need of a character that can both Decapitate and Control the enemy team, look no further than Julie. Her combination of Confuse control, Heal Reduction, and Double Attack really lets Julie excel at taking down enemies efficiently (with the aid of her teammates), while also preventing them from effectively countering her team’s attacks:


Julie’s Rush breaks down into 3 core elements: Double Attack, Confuse, and Heal Reduction. Her Double Attack allows Julie to have either multiple shots at getting a killing blow (triggering her Specialist Skill), or to potentially kill multiple enemies if she manages to kill the first target. Additionally though, she applies Confuse and Heal Reduction to 2 enemies, either preserving her current kill progress on an enemy, or setting up her next kill.


To better help Julie get her Decapitate kill, she comes with a 600 Maim Damage active and +35% AP gain. This helps both retaining her kill progress (by reducing the maximum HP pool of the enemy), as well as potentially dealing a killing blow (and thus triggering Decapitate). This active can be very handy in right situation, and is a good option when coordinating with her teammates.

Note: For those who have been experiencing difficulties with Maim Actives not dealing damage (or Maim issues in general), there is a fix coming in 19.0 (end of March 2019) that should remove associated Maim bugs (including Maim Actives).

Specialist Skill

Decapitate is currently a top-tier Specialist Skill that enables you to easily combat Revive teams by keeping enemies dead. Julie really takes advantage of this skill with her Double Attack, but also pairs nicely with other raw high damage dealing characters who can get enemies low on HP for Julie to Decapitate. Also, it’s rarely a bad idea to have multiple Decapitate characters on the same team when facing Revive teams.

Special Weapon

Julie’s weapon can allow Julie to perform a 200% Double Attack when attacking normally. This plays well into the rest of her kit, as she now gains additional opportunities to trigger Decapitate. This can be extremely helpful when fighting against enemies who are covered by Guardian II or when you are unsure if a single attack will cause the killing blow.

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


When selecting a Leader to combine with Julie, some aspects to consider:

  • Offense vs. Defense Team (e.g. – HP / DEF vs. ATK/AP Gain, etc.)
  • Team Trait Combination (e.g. – Fast + Tough, Alert + Tough, etc.)
  • Overall Strategy (e.g. – Burst Damage, Team Buffing / Debuffing, etc.)



When selecting other Specialists to combine with Julie, some aspects to consider:

  • Specialists Requiring Kills (e.g. – Decapitate, Waste Not, etc.)
  • High Burst Damage or Damage Over Time Effects (e.g. – Tough Konrad, Alert Bryan, Fast Naya, etc.)
  • Disarming, Command (e.g. – Fast Harper, Green Kelly, etc.)


[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Julie teams to get your creativity flowing: