Character Breakdown


Name: Fast


Name: Support

Description: Debuffs and/or debilitates the enemy team.

Base Stats (Max 90)

Attack: 2,165

Health: 1,759

Defense: 1,488


Cost: 58 AP

Effect: Deal 2 attacks of 250% Damage (500% total) and 600 Bleed damage for 5 turns to one enemy. That enemy and up to one other gets 100% Heal Reduction for 4 turns.

Active Skill

Initial Cooldown: 2

Cooldown: 3

Effect: Confuse one enemy for 3 turns.

Specialist Skill

Name: Lacerator

Effect: Whenever this character attacks a character suffering from Bleeding, the damage of that Bleeding effect is doubled. Target can only be Lacerated once per turn.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Martinez is a Support style character that emphasizes enhancing Damage Over Time Bleed effects with other characters on his team, while also controlling the enemy’s ability to deal with the Bleed Damage:


At an incredibly fast 58 Rush, Martinez’s Rush sets up a team to deal large amounts of Bleed Damage by providing a 5 turn Bleed to a target enemy. This enables either Martinez or another Lacerator character to quickly ramp Bleed Damage, causing enemies to come under hard pressure at key moments in combat. Additionally, Martinez puts 100% Heal Reduction on that same enemy for 4 turns, providing a soft Decapitate effect when the enemy is killed, as well as help prevent healing from offsetting the Bleed Damage.


To help control the enemy team from rebounding from the large amount of Bleed Damage, Martinez comes with a Confuse one for 3 turns Active Skill. This enables Martinez to target Medic or recovery characters to keep pressure on the enemy team. Additionally, you could Confuse a more Attack-focused character to help increase the chance of the enemy killing his or her own teammate. 

Specialist Skill

Lacerator is great synergistic Specialist Skill with characters like Martinez who use Bleed. Once per turn, Lacerator can double the damage of ongoing Bleed damage, making the Bleed damage incredibly deadly very quickly. Since Martinez’s Bleed lasts for 5 turns, there is ample opportunity to kill a target character.  

[6 Star] Synergistic Characters


When selecting a Leader to combine with Martinez, some aspects to consider:

  • Offense vs. Defense Team (e.g. – HP / DEF vs. ATK/AP Gain, etc.)
  • Team Trait Combination (e.g. – Fast + Tough, Strong + Fast, etc.)
  • Overall Strategy (e.g. – Bleed / DoT, Burst Damage,  etc.)



When selecting other Specialists to combine with Martinez, some aspects to consider:

  • Decapitate (e.g. – Wayland, Regina, Alpha, etc.)
  • Additional DoT / Bleed (e.g. – Camila, Knox, Rick, etc.)
  • Debuff / Control (e.g. – Harper, Glenn, Shiva, etc.)


[6 Star] Team Compositions

Here are a few example Martinez teams to get your creativity flowing: