Welcome Survivors to the newest event: Davie’s Love Story Event! Will you find Davie’s true Love? Who will you choose between Naya, Harper and Ajax?

Event Timeline

  • Start: Monday May 6, 2019 (7pm PST)
  • End: Wednesday May 15, 2019 (10am PST)


You will start off with Davie’s roadmap and upon completion they will be rewarded with the following:

  • A choice between 3 scenarios
  • 1 Heart Chocolate Box
  • 300 Valentine Cards

Each scenario consists of 4 acts with 8 stages each and you will use the event items to progress further into the story:

  • The Chocolate Box to unlock one of the 3 scenarios [Consumed]
  • The Valentine Cards to access each stage within each act [Consumed]

Note: you will be able to open the other 2 scenarios through purchases of Heart chocolate (Offers) and additional Valentine Cards (Offers & Mystery Bags)

At the last stage in Act 4, different limited drops will be activated based on the scenario chosen.

You will be rewarded with a “Wine Glass” at the end of Act 4 of each scenario. Use the 3 collected “Wine Glasses” to unlock Davie’s Final roadmap to discover the ending of the event and win huge rewards!