Greeting Survivors,

We’re happy to announce that this week we’ll be launching a new multi week event: “Pathways” to showcase Mission Events!

Event Timeline

  • Event Start:
    • July 3rd, 2019 Wed 11am PST
  • Event End:
    • July 31st, 2019 Wed 11am PST
  • All Collections Close:
    • August 1st, 2019 Thu 11am PST

Event Overview

“Pathways” invites you to complete a series of increasingly challenging missions that award special collectibles that may be used as energy to progress through a series of roadmaps.

Upon completion, each of the three “Pathway” roadmaps will provide a 5-Star Ascendable character (Governor, Negan and Alpha) as a reward.

Each villain has their own series of master missions of varying degrees of difficulty (Easy, Hard and Elite), where roadmap difficulty advances in parallel with each character’s occurence in the story of the Walking Dead (beginning with Governor and concluding with Alpha).

Pathway Roadmap Summary

  1. Governor’s Path
  • Difficulty: Easiest
  • Character Reward: Governor
  • Roadmap Energy Type: Bloody Bandages
  1. Savior’s Path
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Character Reward: Negan
  • Roadmap Energy Type: BrokenLucille
  1. Whisperer’s Path
  • Difficulty: Hardest
  • Character Reward: Alpha
  • Roadmap Energy Type: BrokenMask
  1. Alpha’s Shortcut
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Character Reward: Alpha
  • Roadmap Energy Type: Broken Mask

Pathways Exclusive Character

For each of the three Pathways, Crossbones will be rewarded for collecting varying amounts of each roadmap’s energy and for completing each character’s roadmap. Players that are able to collect a total of 8 Crossbones will unlock Piper, a new character available for the first time via the Pathways event. As an added bonus, Crossbones and other collectibles may be used to play repeatable roadmaps offering chances at coins and other rewards. Note that Crossbones need only be collected to count as progress towards unlocking Piper; consuming Crossbones as roadmap keys or energy elsewhere will not have any adverse effect.

Pathways Premium Component

Given the demanding nature of the missions, players will be offered the opportunity to bypass or skip missions by using alternative means of progression, including premier recruits opens, mystery bags and offers. Additionally, for the final and most challenging roadmap (Alpha’s Pathway) an alternative version providing the same character reward (but no Crossbone) will be available for a higher energy cost.

Alpha’s Shortcut

To provide a more accessible roadmap experience, players who are able to earn 3x Crossbones from the Savior’s Path, the Governor’s Path and other Pathways events may unlock Alpha’s Shortcut. Alpha’s Shortcut is calibrated to the same level of difficulty as the Savior’s Path and has a slightly higher per-stage energy cost buy still provides Alpha as a reward. Note that Alpha’s Shortcut does not provide Crossbones as a completion award.

The Walking Dead Team