Greeting survivors,

This week, the newest fighter to join the fray in Road to Survival is Pete Anderson. We’re excited to reveal that Pete is the first fighter with a new 6-Star variation that we’re calling “S-Class”. Read on to learn more about this new type of fighter.

What are S-Class Fighters?

S-Class fighters are limited edition versions of a standard 6-Star character that comes with amplified Base Stats, Rush, Active, and/or Weapon Effect.

Fighters that have an S-Class variation will still have standard 5-Star Ascendable and 6-Star versions, in addition to the 6-Star S-Class variation.

In addition to the combat enhancements S-Class characters have, an “S-Class” stamp will be shown on the character profile card to differentiate them for the normal version of the character.

Which fighters have an S-Class variation?

Currently, the newest fighter in the game, Pete Anderson, will be the only fighter with an S-Class variation. More S-Class fighters may be released at a later time.

Where can I acquire Pete Anderson?

  • All three variations of Pete Anderson (5-Star Ascendable, 6-Star and 6-Star S-Class) can only be acquired in the Museum via a Collection.
    • NOTE: Pete Anderson will not be featured in the Premier Recruits wheel, however, the collectible item required to get Pete Anderson, Blue Keys, can be obtained through pulls on the Premier Recruits wheel. Players will have chances at collecting enough Blue Keys to redeem the 5-Star Ascendable version of his characters in a single pull of Premier Recruits.

What collectible items do I need to redeem for Pete Anderson and where can I get them?

  • In order to complete the Collection for 5-Star Ascendable, 6-Star or 6-Star S-Class Pete Anderson, you will need Blue Keys.
  • Players can acquire Blue Keys from the following sources:
    • Opens of Premier Recruits (both as a dropped item and as a bonus item)
    • Mission Events (Bonus Rewards)
    • Limited-time roadmaps

Can I Ascend a 5-Star Ascendable or a 6-Star fighter into a 6-Star S-Class Fighter?

No. 6-Star S-Class fighters are unique characters that can only be attained through the Museum Collection. For example, if you have the standard 5-Star Ascendable or 6-Star Pete Anderson you won’t be able to ascend him to 6-Star S-Class.