Greetings Survivors,

Thank you to all the regions and factions who participated in Round 3 of the Tournament of Champions. After a hard fought War, congratulations to all the winning regions that will move on to the Finals:

Group A/B Winners

  • Chambers
  • Forsyth

Group C/D Winners

  • Lee
  • Habersham

Wildcard Winners

  • Bell
  • Rockdale

The above six winning regions of Round 3 will now have a 75% increase in some Milestone Rewards (read here 153 for Milestone Reward details) until the end of the Finals (Aug 25th).

Final Round Details

The Finals of the Tournament of Champions will be held on Saturday, August 24th. Once completed, only one region will stand alone as the winner of the Tournament of Champions.

A few details on the rewards for the Finals:

  • The winning region will claim a 100% increase in some milestone rewards 153 (8/26 – 9/1).
  • All players in the first and second place regions will get exclusive avatar badges.

Good luck to all regions in the Finals!