Over the past few weeks, we’ve spent a lot of time analyzing your feedback on the state of the game 117 and folding that feedback into an exciting series of updates that we have been working for a long time. Many of these changes should reflect direct responses to the suggestions and feedback that you, the players, have provided, as well as additional updates that we believe will make for a much better day-to-day game experience.

The below updates are scheduled to go live in the game the week of Aug 19th with the 21.0.0 update.

Please note, while there are many changes listed below, there are still additional game updates that we are planning to make that will further address the feedback that players have given us. Those additional updates are scheduled to launch later this Fall and we will share more info on them at a later date.

We’re also excited to update the community on the promised Player Council initiative. Thank you to the players who have agreed to participate in this program, which kicks off next week. We’re excited to work with you on the below update and future updates.

We feel that these updates are a major step forward in addressing the feedback we’ve received from all of you. We look forward to continuing to iterate on the state of the game to make sure it is an experience that everyone loves and believes in.

For an even more detailed view of these changes, please see the full changelog here 1.2k.

Supply Depot:

  • Supply Markers:
    • Increased the odds of a 5-Star Ascendables appearing (now a 15% chance of a 5-Star Ascendable appearing in slots 7 and 8)
    • Updated and improved the 5-Star Ascendable fighter pool that can appear in slots 7 and 8
    • Removed fighters from the energy slot, added a chance at War Energy Refill
    • Replaced Trait Trainers with Legendary Trainers in Slot 2
    • Weapon slot updated to now only have 4-Star weapons
  • Survival Markers:
    • Combined Survival Road specific gear to one slot and increased the stock of that gear
    • Added Mod Scraps
    • Added Mod Boxes
    • Combined the 4-Star Survival Road characters and 4-Star weapons
    • Upgraded the rarity of Drug kits
  • Assault Markers:
    • Combined the collection items and tripled stock counts
    • Added silver/gold earrings
    • Added various tokens
    • Added Optional Weapon Crafting parts

Battle Chest (War Crate):

  • Revamped Battle Chest contents:
    • Added a Legendary Trainer as a possible drop
    • Reduced probability of getting Supply points, increased amount gained
    • Added Mod Scraps, 5-Star Recruit Tokens, War Refills, 4-Star Weapon Tokens, and Blue Keys as possible drops

Roster Cap Increase:

  • Leveling up from 100 to 150 now adds a total of 150 additional spaces to the roster cap

30-Day Pass Bonus Crate:

  • Updated the day 30 bonus crate to now have 5-Star Ascendable fighters. Also, all 5-Star fighters (non-ascendables) have been removed from the bonus crate.
  • Increased the drop rate of 5-Star Ascendable fighters in the day 30 bonus crate to 35%
  • The day 30 bonus crate will now have the following possible items: 5-Star Ascendable Fighter, Epic Trainer, Universal Trainer, Legendary Trainer
  • First purchase bonus changed to 5-Star Ascendable Carl (Strong/Green)

Mod Scrap Caps:

  • Increased Mod Scrap inventory cap from 130,000 to 180,000
  • Increased Mod Scrap conversion cap from 2,002,500 to 3,000,000

5-Star Recruit Tokens:

  • Revamped pool of characters, more powerful Recruits available

Prestige Recruits:

  • Revamped pool of characters, more powerful Recruits available
  • Increased odds of 5-Star Ascendables dropping
  • Removed 4-Star Recruits

Elite Characters:

  • Removed 3-Star Recruits
  • Increased the chance of 5-Star Recruits dropping
  • Increased chance of 5-Star Asendables dropping
  • Expanded the amount of 5-Star Ascendables available

Elite Weapons:

  • Increased odds of 4 Star Weapons Dropping
  • Added more weapons and increased pool of 4-Star Weapons by 29

Basic Tokens:

  • Removed 1-Star Fighters
  • Removed 2-Star Fighters
  • Removed 1-Star Weapons
  • Removed 2-Star Weapons
  • Added 5-Star Recruits
  • Added 4-Star Recruits

3 to 4-Star Ascension Pool:

  • Expanded fighters available, included more Museum collection characters in the pool

4 to 5-Star Ascension Pool:

  • Revamped character pool, doubled the amount of 5-Star Ascendables available

Training Ground Update:

  • Legendary Training
    • Increased odds of 5-Star Ascendables dropping
    • Increased odds of 5-Star Recruits dropping
    • Increased odds of 4-Star Recruits dropping
    • Decreased odds of 3-Star Recruits dropping
    • Doubled amount of 5-Star Ascendables available to drop

4-Star Weapons Tokens:

  • Increased power of weapons available, increased variety of weapons

Thank you again to our community for your passion and commitment to Road to Survival.