Hello Survivors,

As part of “To our Player Community 16” post from 08/18, we mentioned that we would launch and drive a Player Council that would encompass a brain trust of committed, engaged, and passionate players to help us to craft a collective vision forward.

As of last week, we have officially selected all members of the Council and kicked off the initiative. Members of the Player Council are now in ongoing daily discussions with the Road to Survival game team and giving feedback in real-time.

In terms of discussion, the high-level topics that we cover are:

  • The Content Refresh 54and ongoing quality of life updates
  • S-Class 42 Fighters and the overall character ecosystem
  • New Gameplay Experiences (ie Arenas)
  • Communication Approach
  • Ongoing Gameplay Updates and Topics

In short, the Council will engage in a series of talks each week leading to a Q&A between the Road to Survival game team and the Council members.

Please note that Scopely will not disclose the names of the Player Councill members and will leave it up to each of the members to share this information with players publicly.

Going forward, we will use this thread to consolidate and update you on the progress of the discussion around the Player Council.

The Walking Dead Team