Hello Survivors,

We’re excited to share with you details on some upcoming changes to War. War is the pinnacle event in Road to Survival and we’ve been working on an update that adds exciting new elements that we believe will make War event even better.

We’ve heard from the community and the Player Council that the rewards from War could be more exciting and better match the prestige of War. Accordingly, we’re making some changes:

War Campaigns and Updated War Rewards

It’s our pleasure to announce War Campaigns! War Campaigns are exciting, new multi-war events. A War Campaign encompasses regularly scheduled wars (AOW & CRW) that take place during a specific length of time. During the War Campaign, players will be able to earn their choice of either S-class collectibles for the new War Exclusive S-class character or War Tokens for the new permanent War Wheel. Details include:

Permanent War Wheel

  • War Tokens on this new wheel will no longer expire
  • The War wheel will contain 4 characters, which will be refreshed periodically (this updated War Wheel will launch for the Nov 1 War)
    • Our goal with these characters is to ensure they are strong and meta relevant in order to help players of all levels improve their rosters.
    • You may see some of all of these characters as rewards in other areas of the game over time.

War Campaign S-Class Exclusive

  • The War exclusive S-Class Character will be obtainable via a collection that requires the new collectible: Half Rotting Heads.
    • This collection will allow for a single redemption and will be available indefinitely.
  • Half Rotting Heads will also be required to obtain the Gear to level up the exclusive S-Class character

Our Inaugural Fall War Campaign will begin on October 18th and will last for 6 Wars (excluding Blitz Wars). However, players may begin collecting the new S-Class collectibles (Half Rotting Heads) for the War exclusive S-Class character via milestones in next week’s CRW (War Tokens will not be rewarded in next weeks CRW).

Additionally, we will also be using this first War Campaign as a qualifier for our early 2020 War of Champions. The Top 40 Factions with the highest cumulative War scores for this campaign will be qualified to enter. More information on War of Champions will be announced closer to the event.

We hope you enjoy War Campaigns and the revamped War Rewards. We’ll see you on the battlefield!

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Team