Greetings Survivors,

We’re excited to share details about our most recent release (21.1), which includes new Player Levels, a few big updates for Survival Road and Arenas, as well as the introduction of Platinum Mods.

Player Level Cap Increase

With this update, the max Player Level is being extended from level 150 to level 200. Experience required per level, rewards and the number of coins rewarded will be consistent with levels 125-150.

Survival Road Update

Daily Survival Road is getting a significant upgrade in the 21.1 release. The new changes should make the mode feel new, rewarding, and challenging. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Daily Survival Road is being extended from 400 max levels to 500!
  • Walkers from the Walker Hordes mode have invaded Survival Road! Expect to face off against these unique Walkers throughout the various stages.
  • 6* Fighter teams will now appear in various stages.
  • Survival Road difficulty has been rebalanced across all 500 levels to more closely match the power levels of current fighter teams.
  • Survival Marker rewards have been increased by 300% on all levels to enable you to save up for the new exciting rewards in the Depot (see below). We will also be introducing Survival Marker rewards in Survival Road Tournaments.

Survival Marker Depot Update

The Survival Marker Depot will also see a significant update:

  • Two Legacy Fighters are being Ascended to 6* and will be available in their 6* forms in the Survival Marker Depot! They are:
    • 6* “Call to Arms” Human Shield Magna
      • Magna’s Final Rush:
        • Deal 300% Damage to a line of enemies. Those enemies get Impair and -40% Defense for 2 turns.
    • 6* “No Time Left” Human Shield Lee
      • Lee’s Final Rush:
        • Deal 525% Damage to one enemy. This character gets Elusive for 3 turns. All teammates get +40% Attack for 1 turn.
    • Both Magna and Lee will require the specific Survival Road Gear sold in the Survival Marker Depot to tier up in their 6* form.
  • To reflect the tuning changes and to balance the overall Survival Road Marker economy, a few items in the Survival Depot will see marker price increases (excluding all legacy items).
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: The prices in the Survival Marker Depot are increasing LESS THAN the new amount of Markers players will now be getting by playing Survival Road every day. So while it may seem like some items are more expensive, players will actually be acquiring these items at the same or even a faster rate.
  • The Survival Marker Depot will now contain the newest addition to your combat toolkit: Platinum Mods! Save up your Survival Markers and get ready to take your teams to the next level (see below for more details about Platinum Mods).

Platinum Mods Introduced

Platinum Mods will now be available in the Survival Marker Depot! Platinum Mods are the newest rarity of mods and give significantly more benefits than Gold Mods.

With Platinum Mods comes a few brand new mod effects that all rarities (platinum, gold, silver, bronze) will share:

  • Trauma Resist
  • Disarm Resist
  • Daze Resist
  • Exhaust Resist
  • Crosshairs Resist
  • Defense While Disarmed
  • Attack While Slowed

With the launch of Platinum Mods, we have learned from the player feedback we received back when we launched Mods in May of 2018. Our goal is to improve the player experience in both using and acquiring Platinum Mods.

  • One of the things we didn’t like during the initial launch of mods is that there wasn’t a predictable gameplay method of obtaining them. That’s why we built Platinum mods to be acquired through specific gameplay paths. Guaranteed Platinum Mods will be persistently available in the Supply Depot, and players can improve how quickly they earn them by advancing in Daily Survival Road and competing in Survival Road tournaments for Rank and Milestone rewards.
  • Some less powerful mod effects will be improved on Platinum Mods. Some examples include buffing Lifesteal, Burn Damage, and Bleed Damage. We hope that every mod should now have a role in RTS gameplay, and that getting strong mods for your fighters is less dependent on obtaining certain, specific mods.
  • Set bonuses on Platinum Mods will make up significantly less of your overall mod power. This means players should not feel forced to use all of one set of mods, and it will be easier to equip mods that don’t strictly match up with your other mod’s sets.
  • During our initial launch of Mods, Bronze and Silver mods quickly became outdated. We hope to not invalidate Gold Mods with this update, and believe that players will live in a mixed Gold and Platinum Mod world for a long time. For this reason, many Platinum Mods overlap in stats with their Gold Mod counterparts. We want progressing in Survival Road to be meaningful without making your past progress irrelevant.

Arena Updates

We’re continuing to iterate on and refine the Arenas feature to make it the best experience possible. With that in mind, we’re making the following updates:

  1. We’re adding a turn-based factor to the Arenas scoring calculation–i.e. fewer turns reward a player with more points. This increased point granularity should alleviate some of the issues with opponent selection, particularly within Domination mode.
  2. There are some UI updates to accommodate these changes, including an updated scoring summary for the turn-based component.
  3. The Arenas scoring calculation is being adjusted to reduce weight on the more difficult opponents, allowing players to decide on a more balanced trade-off between easier opponents with a low turn bonus and risking the challenge of a high-point opponent.
  4. Players will now be able to copy their main defense teams in their Arena defense team setup.
  5. The list of opponents in an Arena will be re-ordered by the max score possible rather than defense team grade.
  6. The domination bug should be fixed where it only shows your entry summary if you have a new high score.
  7. Draft Mode character pools are being updated for all leagues, and will include S-Class and other new fighters. This change will take effect early this week.

Collateral Damage II

The Splash Damage applied from this Specialist Skill will no longer generate AP for enemy fighters. This helps alleviate one of the main issues with this Specialist Skill, and we hope this makes Collateral Damage more viable and appealing!

Two New Daily Missions

We’ve added two new daily missions:

  1. Daily Mission: Complete an Arenas entry
  2. Daily Mission: Watch 3 rewarded videos

Update to Facebook / Skybound Link Rewards

Players will now receive a 5-star Michonne character and/or Rick’s Pistol as rewards for linking accounts to Facebook/Skybound. Any players who already have their Facebook/Skybound account linked to Road to Survival will also receive these new rewards (please note: for those players who already have their accounts linked, it may take up to a week to receive the new rewards).