Halloween has arrived in Road to Survival, and we’re excited to have players battle through our all-new Halloween themed limited-time event.

During this event (Oct 25, 5PM PDT – Nov 8, 5PM PDT), players will complete Mission Events that reward the items: Candy Corn, Trick or Treat Pail, Claw Glove and Vampire Fang. Players will then use these items to fight through roadmaps for exciting rewards!

Here is what players will need to do to earn rewards from the Halloween event:

  1. Step 1: Earn Candy Corn – Complete missions from the “Road to Fear” Mission Event to earn Candy Corns
  2. Step 2: Get Roadmap Keys – Collect enough Candy Corns to complete the Mission Events that award Roadmap Keys: Trick or Treat Pail, Claw Glove and Vampire Fang.
  3. Step 3: Get Rewards – Using the Roadmap Keys, complete “Road to Fear” Roadmaps for rewards!

Step 1: How to Obtain Candy Corn

Players can earn Candy Corn by completing missions in the “Road to Fear” Mission Event:

Below are the missions available that reward Candy Corn.

MissionCandy Corn Reward
Win 20 World Map Stages6
Use an Ally Fighter [Faction Support] 10 times6
Open Basic Rewards 30 Times6
Use 100 Battle Items in Combat11
Open Helper Rewards 40 Times11
Win 100 Territory Battles12
Win 100 Raids12
Complete 10 Arena Entries12
Win 5 War Battles12
Defeat 100 Fast Characters12
Defeat 100 Alert Characters12
Defeat 100 Strong Characters12
Defeat 100 Tough Characters12
Defeat a Faction Boss18
Ascend 5 Recruits18
Upgrade a Weapon 1 time18
Upgrade (Tier Up) a Recruit 1 time18
Open Five-Star Recruits 1 time23
Open Premier Recruits or S-Class Recruits 1 time23
Total Possible Candy Corn254

Step 2: How to obtain Roadmap Keys

Collecting enough Candy Corn will enable players to complete Missions that award the Roadmap Keys: Vampire Fangs, Claw Glove, and Trick or Treat Pail. These Roadmap Keys will unlock the limited-time Halloween Roadmaps. Players will need 230 Candy Corn to get all three roadmap keys.

Step 3: Complete Roadmaps & Get Rewards

Each Roadmap Key (Trick or Treat Pail, Claw Glove and Vampire Fangs) unlocks one of three unique roadmaps. Each roadmap has 6 Stages and requires 13 Candy Corn as energy for each stage. Players will earn Trainers, Medals, Gear and Day of the Dead Tokens as Stage and Act completion rewards.

RoadmapDifficultyStage RewardsAct Rewards
Trick or Treat PailNormal (S4 – S7)Trainers100 Day of the Dead Tokens
Claw GloveHard (S6 – S9)Medals 200 Day of the Dead Tokens
Vampire FangsVery Hard (S9++ – S11)Legendary Gear 300 Day of the Dead Tokens

Day of the Dead Tokens

Day of the Dead Tokens can be earned through completing the Halloween roadmaps listed above. These tokens are used to open the Day of the Dead fighter wheel (100 tokens per open) that contains the following possible items:

  • 5-Star Ascendable Fighters
  • 5-Star Non-ascendable Fighters
  • Uncommon Trainers
  • Rare Trainers
  • Red Velvet Cakes