Hello Survivors,

Tomorrow (Wed, Oct 30) will mark the first Walker Horde event since the release of S-Class fighters. S-Class fighters will bring a much higher level of power into the Walker Hordes event, and with that being the case, we’ve made the following adjustments to ensure that Walker Hordes continues to be an engaging experience:

  • Milestone Requirements
    • Milestone point requirements have been decreased in all Leagues
  • Walker Stat Balancing changes:
    • Walkers will be meaningfully stronger (due to the release of S-Class characters and to increase the level of competition within the event)
  • Matchmaking
    • New opponent search timers have been reduced to 3 minutes
  • Event Length
    • Tomorrow’s Walker Hordes event has been slightly extended. It will now end at 8am PDT on 11/1 instead of 5pm PDT on 10/31.

Please feel free to leave your feedback on this thread so we can continue to make Walker Hordes a better experience. We hope you enjoy the event!