Greetings Survivors,

We’re excited to announce our newest event, the Harvest Festival, starting at 5 pm PST tomorrow (11/26)! This event will consist of two roadmap types: Orange Leaf (OL) Roadmaps and Yellow Leaf (YL) Premium Roadmaps, which award different types of gear! Details:

Orange Leaf (OL) Roadmap:

  • In order to gain Orange Leafs to play the roadmap, players must obtain them through the Maple Leaf Token Wheel (“Reap The Harvest”)
  • Maple Leaf Tokens can be obtained by completing the “Daily Harvest” event missions
    • Survivors Club members will also have access to exclusive “Daily Harvest – Survivor Club” missions that will award additional Maple Leaf Tokens (2x value!)
  • Orange Leaf roadmap awards rare, elite-rare and ultra-rare gear!

Yellow Leaf (YL) Premium Roadmaps:

  • Yellow Leaves are obtainable via the Harvest Pass missions which require Green Maple Leaves to complete
    • Players can also purchase Green Leafs through the Harvest Pass offer to unlock additional Yellow Leaf rewards
  • Green Maple Leafs are obtained via “Daily Harvest” missions and select offers
  • Once YL are unlocked, they are open for 15 minutes, during which time the last stage of each act will drop gear.
    • The YL Epic and YL Legend roadmaps are intended to be challenging, but as a reward for completing them, players will be able to obtain Epic and Legendary Gear!

Banana Splits

Players will be able to obtain Banana Split collectibles through the OL and YL roadmap drops and Daily Harvest mission events. Players can then exchange Banana Splits in the museum for rare and elite-rare gear and Maple Leaf Tokens.

Event Timeline

  • Event Start: Tuesday 11/26 5 pm (PST)
  • Event End: Thursday 12/8 5 pm (PST)