Greetings Survivors,

Below are important updates regarding the upcoming War of Champions. Please read carefully to prepare for the event.

  1. WoC will be held on Feb 7, 2020.
  2. The upcoming 1/10 CRW will be the last WoC qualifying CRW.
  3. Faction Rosters from the 1/10 CRW will be used for WoC invites.
  4. Players must be a member of a qualifying WoC faction and participate in the 1/10 CRW in order to be invited to the region where WoC will be held (invites to be provided at a later date). Recall that eligibility will be determined based on final standings as of the end of the 1/10 CRW.
  5. The 1/24 CRW and any other CRWs up until WoC will not have scores tracked / count towards WoC qualification.

To be clear, qualifying players who want to be invited to WoC need to participate in the war this weekend (1/10) otherwise they won’t receive an invite to WoC.