Greetings Survivors,

Fight now in this new & exciting event for great rewards! 

  • Start: January 13, 2020, 12 pm PST
  • End: January 21, 2020, 12 pm PST

During this event, 3 different roadmaps will be up with each of them limited to the specific fighter rarity like this:

  • BR – 4* (limited to 4* Recruits)
  • BR – 5* (limited to 5* Recruits)
  • BR – 6* (limited to 6* Recruits)

Only Recruits with the rarity specified will be able to fight in the specific Roadmaps. Each Roadmap consists of 8 stages and will propose a variety of rewards including “Bloody Bedsheets” collectibles.

Two separate Mission Events will also be up during this time:

  • Bloody Rarity Missions will be tracking the Bloody Bedsheet collection
  • Super Bloody Rarity Mission will be tracking the Bloody Bedsheet & Bloody Pillow Case collections


  • All “Bloody Bed Sheets” will be rewarded in the Roadmaps. “Bloody Pillow Cases” will be available via daily “Bloody Offers”
  • Each day will offer 1 Bloody 

TWD Team