InfoBase Stats
Trait: FastHealth3174
Role: SupportDefense4444
S- ClassAttack2962
Rush : Demotivating Slashes
Deal 350% Damage to up to 3 enemies.  Those enemies get -25% Attack for 3 turns, and -20 AP.76 AP
Active Skill: Impair, Elusive and AP Gain
Initial Cooldown:Turn 3
Up to 3 enemies get Impair for 2 turns. This character and one other teammate get Elusive for 2 turns. This character gets +35% AP.4

Leader Skill

All Fast and Tough teammates get +40% HP and +40% Defense.

Weapon Stats

Gameplay Walkthrough

Rush Control

  • With AP drain, Elusive, and Impair, Aaron will be a consistent leader on your defense team to control 

Fast and Tough Defense 

  • Combining Fast and Tough can allow for a good combo of offensive and defensive S-Class toons to fit in your lineup. Look out for upcoming defense toons that can work well with Aaron. He is the first of many to come!

Example Team Composition

Here is an example of an Aaron team to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect