Hello Survivors,

We have discovered an issue with the Legendary Whisperer Series event where the mission to collect 5,000 Walker Masks actually requires 7,500 Walker Masks to be collected. In addition to this, we’ve heard a lot of feedback from the community that this event’s tuning is too demanding.

Multiple solutions were investigated for both issues and we feel that the most positive way to address both of them is to provide all players with 2,500 Walker Masks. Expect to receive the Walker Masks via your inbox within the next 24 hours!

Note: Walker Masks obtained via your inbox will apply to any currently unlocked events that require Walker Masks. This means that they will apply to “The Whisperer Series [Legendary]” and “The Whisperer Series” events. If you have the “Beta’s Mission” portion of the event unlocked when you claim the Walker Masks from your inbox, they will apply to that portion of the event. However, if you have not met the prerequisites to unlock “Beta’s Mission”, the Walker Masks claimed from your inbox will only apply to “Alpha’s Mission”.

We hope you enjoy the Whisperer Series event!