Character Breakdown

InfoBase Stats
Trait: StrongHealth4084
Role: SupportDefense3440
S- ClassAttack3224
Rush: Seasoned Insight
Deal 400% Damage to one enemy. Up to 5 enemies get Impair for 1 turn. This character gets +75% Defense for 3 turns.
58 AP
Active Skill: Recover and Elusive
Initial Cooldown: Turn 3CD:
All teammates recover from debilitating effects and get Elusive for 1 turn.

Specialist Skill

Effect: While not Stunned, whenever this character takes damage, they gain +30% Defense until the start of their next turn, in addition to any existing Defense increases, including prior activations of this skill.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Fast Impair

  • 58 speed rush that impairs an entire team can be really powerful. Couple this with the Elusive from the active and you have quite a controlling defensive character.

All Teammates Recover from Debilitating Effects

  • Debilitating effects in our game, are any effects that hamper an enemies actions or disable them in any way so: stunned, impaired, taunted, confused, normalized or dazed. While this comes in later in the game it is still impactful as Eugene keeps your team going for quite some time.

Team Compositions

Here is an example of a Eugene team to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  • Eugene’s collectibles are Eugene Cards, and will be available in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Eugene Cards will be required for 5* Ascendable Eugene.
  • 5* Ascendable Eugene is guaranteed after 100 bonus opens on the wheel!
  • 6000 Eugene Cards and 2 maxed out 6* Eugenes are required for S-Class Eugene!
  • S-Class Eugene can be obtained as a drop from the S-Class Recruits Wheel!