Hey Survivors,

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we know everyone is doing their best to stay safe by staying home and practicing social distancing. We are all in this together and wish the best for you and your families while we’re waiting this out. To bring some fun to your weekend, we will be sending out a free gift to all players!

  • S-Class Choice Box x3 containing 50 of:
    • Blue Key
    • Ice Cream Cone 
    • Chocolate Cake Slice
    • Bullet 
    • Vanilla Cake Slice 
    • Aarav Card 
    • Secretary Guo Card 
    • Wangfa Card
    • Daiyu Card
    • Princess Card
    • Mercer Card
  • Torch x175
  • World Energy Refill x5
  • Raid Energy Refill x5
  • Gear Choice Box (Weapon Tripod, Sports Gauntlet, Practice Dummy, Knife Sheath) x5
  • Brady x10

Expect this gift to arrive within a few hours of 12:00PM PT (3/27/20) and we hope this makes your weekend at home a bit more enjoyable!

Best Wishes,