Enter… The Survivathon!

Today we are happy to present an event of epic proportions. Only the most persistent will be victorious in what will be one of the most challenging series in Survival Road Tournament history!


Start: Thursday 4/2/20 10:00 AM PT
Ends: Thursday 4/9/20 5:00 PM PT

Over the course of the event, you will have the chance to participate in 3 Survival Roads of varying difficulty:

  • To warm up, a Normal Solo Survival Road Tournament will be your first hurdle to surpass.
  • Next, it’s dangerous to go alone, but we’re kicking up the difficulty with a Hard Faction Survival Road Tournament
  • And the Big Boss of the event, the Nightmare Faction Survival Road Tournament.

As you work your way through, you’ll earn 9MM Bullets along the way that you will claim to choose your rewards.

But be warned! We ain’t calling it a Survivathon for nothing, so each level of these Survival Roads will include more stages than usual! Just remember, it’s a Survivathon, not a camping trip.

Stash and Collection Rewards

Whether you’re an experienced survivor or still experimenting with your first outings, we’ve made sure you have a survival goal to aim for.

Strive Collection
For those just striving to survive, we have the Strive Collection which allows you to trade in your 9MM Bullets directly for S-Class Collectibles from some of our most popular fighters:

Cost: 46 9MM Bullets
Max # claims: 30
Choice of S-Class Collectibles (x20 each):

  • Blue Keys (Pete Anderson)
  • Ice Cream Cones (Priya)
  • Aarav Cards
  • Chocolate Cake (Laopo)
  • Guo Cards
  • Daiyu Cards
  • Buttons (Minerva)

Survive Collection
The Survive Collection will reward ATL (Atlanta) Tokens, which can be used to redeem opens on the Survivathon Stash (read below for stash details):

Cost: 23 9MM Bullets
Max # claims: 40
Reward: 2,000 ATL Tokens

Survivathon Stash
For those of you up for the ultimate challenge, a special Survivathon Stash will become available, which you will be able to open using ATL Tokens (1,000 ATL Tokens per open). The Survivathon Stash (80 total opens) will include the following possible rewards:

  • Trainers
  • Platinum Mods
  • S-Class Collectible Choice Boxes (two types):
    • There is a single choice box that gives players their choice of:
      • Mercer Cards x3,000 
      • Princess Cards x3,000 
      • Tiffany Cards x5,000 
      • Frost Cards x3,000 
      • Davie Cards x5,000 
      • Shiva Cards x1,000 
      • S-Class Sheila x1
    • Choice Boxes that reward S-Class Collectibles:
      • Mercer Cards x60 
      • Princess Cards x60 
      • Tiffany Cards x100 
      • Frost Cards x60
      • Davie Cards x100 
      • Shiva Cards x30 
  • Stash Completion Reward: x30 Epic Trainers and x5 Varnish

Tournament Rewards

Survivathon” Solo Survival Road – Normal Rank Rewards

RankReward 1Collectible quantitiesReward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
1Daiyu / Mercer Choicebox1,000 / 800Basil20Survival Markers200,000
2-5Daiyu / Mercer Choicebox350 / 280Basil15Survival Markers125,000
6-15Daiyu / Mercer Choicebox200 / 160Basil10Survival Markers97,000
16-50Daiyu / Mercer Choicebox100 / 80Basil5Survival Markers55,000
51-250Daiyu / Mercer Choicebox35 / 30Brady5Survival Markers18,000
251 – 1000Daiyu / Mercer Choicebox10 / 10Brady2Survival Markers8,000

Survivathon” Solo Survival Road Normal – Milestone Rewards

MilestoneReward 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
BronzeLeague Token2509MM Bullets10Bloody Glass10
SilverLeague Token5009MM Bullets12Bloody Glass20
GoldLeague Token1,5009MM Bullets15Bloody Glass30
EliteLeague Token3,0009MM Bullets25Bloody Glass40
LegendaryLeague Token4,5009MM Bullets53Bloody Glass50

Survivathon” Survival Road – Hard Faction Rank Rewards

RankReward 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
1Princess Cards1,250Basil20Survival Markers300,000
2Princess Cards400Basil15Survival Markers187,500
3Princess Cards250Basil10Survival Markers145,500
4-10Princess Cards150Basil5Survival Markers82,500
11-25Princess Cards50Brady5Survival Markers27,000
26-50Princess Cards15Brady2Survival Markers12,000

Survivathon” Survival Road – Hard Faction Milestone Rewards

MilestoneReward 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
BronzeLeague Token4259MM Bullets20Survival Markers15,000
SilverLeague Token8509MM Bullets24Survival Markers22,500
GoldLeague Token2,5509MM Bullets30Survival Markers27,000
EliteLeague Token5,1009MM Bullets50Survival Markers33,000
LegendaryLeague Token7,6509MM Bullets106Survival Markers52,500

Survivathon” Survival Road – Nightmare Faction Rank Rewards

RankReward 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
1Frost Cards2,000Legendary Gear Mystery bag4Survival Markers400,000
2Frost Cards1,250Legendary Gear Mystery bag3Survival Markers225,000
3Frost Cards500Legendary Gear Mystery bag2Survival Markers175,000
4-10Frost Cards250Legendary Gear Mystery bag1Survival Markers100,000
11-25Frost Cards100Legendary Gear Mystery bag1Survival Markers30,000
26-50Frost Cards50Legendary Gear Mystery bag1Survival Markers14,000

Survivathon” Survival Road – Nightmare Faction Milestone Rewards

MilestoneReward 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
BronzeLeague Token1,2759MM Bullets30Survival Markers10,000
SilverLeague Token2,2509MM Bullets36Survival Markers15,000
GoldLeague Token7,6509MM Bullets45Survival Markers18,000
EliteLeague Token15,3009MM Bullets75Survival Markers22,000
LegendaryLeague Token23,0009MM Bullets159Survival Markers35,000