Character Breakdonwn

InfoBase Stats
Trait: StrongHealth3520
Role: MedicDefense3946
S- ClassAttack3200
Rush: Corageous Ethos
Cost: 76 AP
Effect : All teammates get +30% Attack and +30% Defense for 4 turns. This character regains up to 100% of their max HP and gets +50% Bonus HP.
Active Skill: Revive and recover Normalize
Initial Cooldown: Turn 3
CD: 2
Effect: Revive one teammate with 25% of their max HP. This character recovers from Normalize.
Specialist Skill: Command
Effect: When this character defends, the previous ally to take an action this turn will receive a bonus action. That ally will be unable to act the next turn.

Special Weapon

Gameplay Walkthrough

Command Revive

  • As we all know most command characters don’t have the best actives or rushes due to the fact that we want to be commanding as much as possible. This is where revive kicks in. One of the only times you would rather use your active than command will be when you can revive. It fits perfectly with a command kit and increases its overall uses.

8% AP+HP on Strong

  • This is a game changer. This normally yellow weapon has not transferred over to the strong world. This can be very potent and is one more notch on Rick’s belt in the way of usefulness

Team Compositions

Here is an example of a Rick team to get your creativity flowing:

How to Collect

  • Rick’s collectibles are Rick Cards, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Rick Cards will be required for 5* Ascendable Rick.
  • 5* Ascendable Rick is guaranteed after 100 bonus opens on the wheel!
  • 6000 Rick Cards and 2 maxed out 6* Ricks are required for S-Class Rick!

S-Class Rick can now be obtained as a drop from the S-Class Recruits Wheel! NOW WITH DOUBLE THE ODDS!