We’re excited to officially reveal our next War exclusive S-Class Character, Erin! Check out her details below:

S-Class Erin will be available beginning Friday, April 10 and can be obtained by exchanging Half Rotting Heads collectibles in the Museum! Half Rotting Head collectibles are exclusively obtained through War rewards. Half Rotting Heads can also be exchanged for Whole Rotting Heads in the Museum, which can be used the tier up S-Class Erin.

One important note – We realize that there was a previous communication stating that the Rotting Heads collectibles would not return in the future. After careful consideration, we felt it would be a more positive experience for the majority of players to continue using the Rotting Heads collectibles for S-Class Erin, instead of using a new collectible item. With this method, players who are still working on Kapoor can continue to do so without interruption, while players who choose to pursue Erin can begin to work towards her.

We hope you enjoy Erin!

Character Breakdown

InfoBase Stats
Trait: AlertHealth3440
Role: DamageDefense3440
S- ClassAttack3870
Rush: Swift Shots
Cost: 76 AP
Effect : Deal 650% Damage to up to 3 enemies. Those enemies get Impair for 1 turn.
Active Skill: Focus
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
Cooldown: 2
Effect: All teammates get Focus for 2 turns.
Leader Skill: All Alert and Strong teammates get +40% Attack and a huge bonus to AP when attacking.

Special Weapon