War is Hell… or Heaven for some, yet either way it’s the name of the game in our new multi-week event: Hell Hath No Fury

Over the next few weeks, it’s going to be an all-out-no-holds-barred fight to the top, as you will be Raiding, fighting in the Arena, or getting stuck in some good fashion War to earn Heaven and Hell Runes. 

Whichever path you choose, there’s a reward at the end, where you can either try your luck in the Hell Wheel, or climb the stairway in the Heaven Stash.

Update (4/15/20): 
There is a visual bug with our Hell Tokens which we are working on fixing, where the wrong image of Hell Tokens is being displayed in-game.

This will be resolved soon, but in a very small amount of cases, some players actually received the wrong kind of tokens. A collection is now available in the museum to exchange your Heaven and Hell Tokens for the correct ones if you were affected and you should be receiving the correct Token from now on.

Apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Event Overview

  • Start Date: Tuesday 4/14/20 2:00PM PDT (To start with Tuesday’s Arenas)
  • End Date:  5/5/20 2:00PM PDT (Monday 5/6 Arena’s will have final drops)
  • Wheel and Stash will be unavailable after 5/6/20 12:00AM PDT

Gather Heaven and Hell Runes

Participating in PvP events will provide Heaven Runes and Hell Runes as battle drops:

  • Heaven Runes: Rewarded in Arena Battles
  • Hell Runes: Rewarded in Raid and War Battles

Obtaining Heaven and Hell Keys

Mission events will be available during this event titled “Collect Heaven Runes” and “Collect Hell Runes” that will award corresponding “Heaven Keys” and “Hell Keys”. These keys can be exchanged in the museum for 5 Star Ascendable Dylan or be exchanged along with runes to obtain “Heaven Tokens” or “Hell Tokens” respectively.

Hell RunesRewardHeaven RunesReward
Collect 5 Hell Runes1 Hell KeysCollect 1 Heaven Runes1 Heaven Keys
Collect 10 Hell Runes1 Hell KeysCollect 3 Heaven Runes1 Heaven Keys
Collect 25 Hell Runes1 Hell KeysCollect 10 Heaven Runes1 Heaven Keys
Collect 50 Hell Runes1 Hell KeysCollect 15 Heaven Runes1 Heaven Keys
Collect 75 Hell Runes1 Hell KeysCollect 20 Heaven Runes1 Heaven Keys
Collect 100 Hell Runes3 Hell KeysCollect 40 Heaven Runes3 Heaven Keys
Collect 150 Hell Runes3 Hell KeysCollect 60 Heaven Runes3 Heaven Keys
Collect 175 Hell Runes4 Hell KeysCollect 75 Heaven Runes4 Heaven Keys
Collect 200 Hell Runes10 Hell KeysCollect 100 Heaven Runes10 Heaven Keys
Collect 300 Hell Runes25 Hell KeysCollect 210 Heaven Runes25 Heaven Keys

Claiming Heaven and Hell Tokens

The following museum collections will be available to exchange Runes and Keys for Heaven Tokens or Hell Tokens:

Claim your Rewards!

After the dust from battle settles, it’s time to claim your rewards! You can either:

  • Spin the Hell Wheel: 1,000 Hell Tokens

For a chance to get a 5 Star Ascendable Dylan, other 5 Star Ascendable fighters, gear and gear markers! A guaranteed 5 Star Ascendable Dylan is available after 125 opens via the “Hell Hath No Fury” Mission.

  • Open the Heaven Stash: 1,000 Heaven Tokens

Progress down the stash to claim Dylan Cards, Armory Tokens and other valuable items.

S-Class Dylan will be your final goal, and in order to claim him you will require 2 fully upgraded 6 Star Dylans and 6,000 Dylan Cards.