The much anticipated new Gold Brick fighter is arriving! We’d like to introduce you to S-Class Glenn, which you will be able to claim for just 10 bricks directly from our Black Market, instead of the museum as usual.

We’re also bringing some changes by popular request to our Knives collection, which are used to upgrade your S-Class Glenn. The collection has been increased from 22 to 30 total, allowing more flexibility in both collection and use.

Let’s look into it with more detail.

Character Details

A control specialist through and through, packing Daze, Disarm and Neutralize in one handy combo.

Trait: AlertHealth5392
Role: SupportDefense3234
S- ClassAttack2156
Rush: Controlling the Pace
Cost: 76 AP
Effect : Up to 2 enemies get Daze for 2 turns. All enemies get -40AP.
Active Skill: Disarm
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
CD: 2
Effect: Target enemy gets Disarm for 2 turns.
Specialist Skill: Neutralize
When this character attacks a human enemy that has 80% or more Adrenaline, that enemy will be impaired for 1 turn.
Impaired characters cannot gain AP or use Adrenaline rushes.


Knife Collection

A few changes are coming for our Knife collection:

  • Now found in the Black Market: Both Glenn and the Knives have been moved to their new home in the Black Market. You will still be able to redeem your Gold Bricks for them as usual.
  • 30 Knives in total: Due to popular requests, we’ve increased the total amount claimable from 22 to 30. You will still need 22 Knives to completely upgrade Glenn, but this will allow you more flexibility, providing you a larger buffer to obtain your 22 knives and granting extra knives to use on other fighters for those who pursue its completion.