The life of a Doctor is never easy and during our new event, “Paging Dr. Stevens”, you will need to assist him and collect Trauma Kits throughout its duration.

A brand new S-Class edition of Dr. Stevens is the final goal, requiring two fully upgraded 6 Star Dr. Stevens and 6,000 Dr. Stevens cards.


Start Date: Thursday May 7, 12:00 PM PDT

End Date: Thursday June 4, 5:00 PM PDT

Stash and Event Items in Black Market Ends: Friday June 5, 5:00 PM PDT

How to obtain Trauma Kits

Consistency will be key throughout the event. 

Each day, you will receive 100 Trauma Kits for free in the shop, with an extra 175 kits also available for Survivors Club members.

You will also be able to gain Trauma Kits by participating in select Tournaments, Mission Events and War while the event is ongoing.

A new Roadmap will also be available every other day, with 3 acts (Easy, Hard and Nightmare), that will also award you with Trauma Kits

Redeeming Trauma Kits

In our brand new Black Market, you will be able to trade in your hard earned Trauma Kits, for either Dr. Stevens cards or Trauma Tokens, which you can use to open the stashes available in the event.

  • 250 Dr. Stevens Cards
    • Requirement: 375 Trauma Kits
    • Stock: 40
  • 100 Trauma Tokens
    • Requirement: 700 Trauma Kits
    • Limit: 100

Dr. Stevens Cards can be redeemed in the museum for the new Dr. Stevens.


We have 2 stashes available, completing the first stash will grant you access to our second bonus stash.

The first Stash will offer trainers, gear and hundreds of S-Class Cards for Rosita, Davie and Minerva.

The second Stash is more geared towards crafting as it will include trainers, armory items and armory tokens. Completing the second stash also provides a chance to obtain Dr. Stevens’ Tire Iron and as a final reward an S-Class Card Choicebox.

S-Class Choicebox:

  • 1500 Minerva Cards
  • 1250 Davie Cards
  • 1000 Rosita Cards
  • 750 Princess Cards
  • 750 Mercer Cards
  • 750 Frost Cards
  • 750 Tiffany Cards
  • 750 Clem Cards
  • 750 Shiva Cards
  • 750 Gentleman Cards
  • 750 Eugene Cards
  • 750 Rick Cards

Dr. Stevens

Trait: FastHealth2,654
Role: SupportDefense4,246
S- ClassAttack3,714
Rush: Take your Meds
Cost: 66 AP
Effect : Deal 800% Damage to one enemy. While battling on the defense team, this character gets +60 CRIT and +50% Defense for 3 turns.
Active Skill: Bonus HP, Attack Up, Heal and Recover Heal Reduction
Initial Cooldown: Turn 2
CD: 1
This character gets +50% Bonus HP and 50% Attack for 2 turns and regains up to 50% of their Max HP. Up to 2 Teammates recover from Heal Reduction.
Specialist Skill: On a Roll
This character’s attack increases by +20% at the start of each turn after the first, up to a max of 120% after 6 turns. Bonus resets if killed, stunned or impaired.