It’s here! It’s finally time for the War of Champions 3! By the end of this weekend, 1 faction will crown themselves as the Official Champion of The Walking Dead: Road to Survival.

These days will be crammed with players transferring to the War of Champions region and finalizing their tactics before as they prepare for the prime event!

And what exactly is up for grabs? There’s an exclusive S-Class Georgia available during the War event, Platinum mods, Armory tokens and items and the one of a kind Exclusive Avatars!

Everyone participating will be able to show off their achievement with an exclusive Avatar and the Top 3 will have an exclusive Bronze, Silver or Gold Avatar.

If you need a refresher on all the details and the rewards which are up for grabs, you can check all the info on our previous blog post.

For those of you not actively taking part, you can still check out the action thanks to 2 of our Official Content creators!


Participating with her Faction in War of Champions 3, she’ll be streaming the action and trying to hit her goal of 500K points milestone, while trying to place her faction in the top 15.




He’ll be keeping you updated on the score throughout the event, so keep an eye on his livestream to check the latest progress on War of Champions 3!



Also participating in War of Champions 3, for a completely new perspective on the game. His personal goal is gitting 300K points and helping his faction place top 20.


Don’t forget we’ll still have our regular CRW and AOW going on, so check the match-ups and rewards here

Get ready and don’t miss out on the action of War of Champions 3!