Hello Survivors,

As we are on the eve of War of Champions 3, we wanted to provide insight into our plans for addressing cheaters leading up to and throughout the event! We are very passionate about maintaining the competitive integrity of our game and especially the integrity of the War of Champions.

First, we are actively analyzing players’ accounts to validate if they have engaged in any Terms of Service violations related to cheating and will be taking action against any accounts who are found to be in violation, up to and including the permanent ban of those accounts. Expect to see these actions taken prior to the start of the War.

Further, we realize that some players are attempting to manipulate their matchmaking results by placing low-level accounts into their factions in the War of Champions region. Please note that this behavior is expressly forbidden as it is against the competitive spirit of the event. We will be taking the following actions to preserve the intent of our matchmaking system:

  • Any accounts below level 50 on the War of Champions region will be ejected to another region by the start of the War of Champions.
    • Note: This will exclude our content creators who are covering the event from low level accounts
  • After the War of Champions has begun, we will be actively monitoring participating factions for low level accounts. In the event that a low level account is discovered within a faction, that account will be suspended for the remainder of the event, including their non-War of Champions regions.
    • We would like to request that if any War of Champions participants locate a low level account during the event that they reach out directly to our Customer Support team and provide the offending player’s Faction Name, Username and Level, so that we may investigate and action on them immediately.

Again, we take cheating very seriously and will not tolerate any players found to be engaging in exploitive behavior.

We hope everyone enjoys War of Champions 3!