Hello Survivors,

We hope you are enjoying the new Leagues experience and wanted to provide you a brief update on current and upcoming plans for Leagues.

Leagues Campaign Missions

Congratulations to players who have reached their first promotion milestone by reaching Gold II in the Season 11 League Campaign! Players can expect similar missions for Platinum and Diamond Leagues in the coming weeks, providing additional Jason Cards, Paragon mods and more. See Leagues blog post for more details.

Season 12

Enhanced by ongoing player feedback, players can expect the Season 11 progression system to return in Season 12. This means that players in Gold II and higher leagues will be reset back to Gold I, and have the opportunity to rise to Diamond 3 again by the end of next season.

Tournament Trophy Rank Rewards

In response to feedback regarding the scaling of trophies awarded in tournament rank rewards, we will be extending trophy scaling in rank rewards to ensure larger trophy rewards across more ranks.

Multi-region Coin Reward Changes

Our primary goal with the recent enhancement to Leagues is to reward player’s personal progression on their path to Diamond III, while simultaneously promoting an exciting level of fair competition.  This is why we increased coin rewards and added League Campaign Missions. In order to further facilitate this goal, we want to ensure that players continue to strive for progress in their primary account’s league and allow newer and weaker players to progress at their own pace. To do this, we will be adjusting how coin rewards are earned from League Campaigns.

Currently, players can only receive League coin rewards in one region, but it is currently possible to subvert competition by engaging in leagues on a region where players have a lower Leagues standing, ultimately resulting in uncontested or unfair promotions. With the upcoming change, players will only be able to earn coins from the profile/region that is currently in the highest league and division across the player’s entire account. We believe this change will result in more fun, challenging and competitive gameplay.

Another goal with this change is to better protect newer players and players who are slower to promote from stronger players attempting to obtain easier promotions and rewards.The new leagues system is intended to reward players who take up the challenge of breaking into higher leagues by competing weekly in order to achieve upward progress, and create more consistent and accessible coin rewards every season to all players. By reworking how coin rewards are earned, we hope to protect weaker players from predatory behavior while reinforcing the spirit of progress central to Leagues. Please expect this change to take place in the coming weeks.

Faction Placements

Faction league placements have been corrected as of 6/5/2020 and are now in the appropriate division and league based on their standing as of the Season 10 Home Stretch.

Season 11 Survey and Feedback

Finally, we invite players to continue to share feedback in the “events-feedback” channel of Discord or on the “Leagues Season 11 Update Discussion Thread” on our Official Forums. Additionally, players can expect an in-game link to an upcoming survey where you will be able to provide specific feedback regarding your experiences with Season 11 and more.