We’re excited to announce The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Battle Pass, an entirely new rewards layer for completing normal gameplay activities!

Quick Start Guide

  • The Battle Pass Season will run for 7 weeks from 6/22 12PM PT to 8/10 12PM PT.
  • Complete Daily and Weekly Challenge Missions to earn Battle Pass Points. 
    • Daily Missions award 120 Battle Points per day.
    • Weekly Challenges refresh every Monday at 12PM PT and award a minimum of 1,900 Battle Points per week.
    • In order to complete the Battle Pass, you will need to collect 17,650 Battle Points.
  • Battle Pass Points are necessary to complete both the Free and Royal Tier Rewards of the Battle Pass Rewards Missions, which award gear, trainers, resources, platinum and gold mods, weapon parts, S-Class Cards, exclusive Battle Pass Coins, and more!
  • Battle Pass Coins are redeemable in the Battle Pass Black Market Store for S-Class content. See full list of possible rewards below.
  • While the Free Tier Rewards are available to all players, you can buy either the Royal Battle Pass Key for $19.99 OR the Royal Key Bundle for $99.99 in the Store to unlock earned Royal Tier Rewards.
  • Only 1 Key is needed per Season to unlock Royal Tier Rewards.
  • Battle Pass Coins will expire at the end of the event, so be sure to spend them all.
  • Battle Pass Store will be available until 8/13 12PM PT.

Week 1 Challenges:

  1. Challenge I: Use 1M food.
  2. Challenge II: Beat 20 Stages of Daily Survival Road.
  3. Challenge III: Tier up a Fast trait recruit 5 times.
  4. Challenge IV: Defeat 500 Walkers.
  5. Challenge V: Use 140,000 Mod Scrap.
  6. Challenge VI: Level Up any Fighter 480 times.
  7. Challenge VII: Complete 30 Arena Battles.

What is the Battle Pass?

As you play the game every day, you are rewarded Battle Points for completing regular Daily Missions and exclusive Weekly Challenges. As you accumulate Battle Points, you progress through the Pass, unlocking S-Class cards, trainers, gear, weapon parts, etc. As well, you will earn exclusive Battle Pass Coins for use in the Battle Pass Black Market Store.

There are 2 reward paths to progress on the Pass:

  1. A Free Tier, denoted by the icon in the Battle Pass Mission. All players can  complete Free Tier missions with regular collection of Battle Points.
  2. A premium tier called the Royal Tier, denoted by the icon, which can be unlocked with the purchase of a Royal Battle Pass Key to gain extra rewards.

The Battle Pass will be available for 7 weeks.

How do I unlock Royal Tier rewards?

The Royal Battle Pass Key is an optional purchase to unlock the Royal Tier to get even more rewards, including access to 9,600 extra Battle Pass Coins. This gives you enough coins to unlock a full S-Class in the “Battle Pass” Black Market store for one $20 purchase.

The Key is available in the “Battle Pass” tab of the Featured Store.

Will my Royal Tier progress be tracked if I buy the Key later in the event?

Absolutely. You will make progress towards both Tiers when you collect Battle Points. Royal Tier rewards will be unlocked when you buy the Key (retroactively as well, so you can purchase it at any time).

So don’t worry! You’ll only need to purchase the Battle Pass Key once for the entire event.

How do I collect Battle Points?

In total, you will need 17,650 Battle Points to complete the Pass. There are 2 ways you can obtain Battle Points during the event:

  1. Every day, you can earn 120 Battle Points by completing your Daily Missions, available in the Leader’s Duty Reward. This is in addition to previous Daily Mission rewards. In total, you can earn 5,880 Battle Points over the 49 days of the event. Don’t miss out – Daily Missions reset every day! Note that it can take up to 24 hours after event start for Daily Mission Battle Point rewards to be available.
  1. At the beginning of every week, a new set of Battle Pass Weekly Challenges will be available with 6-8 challenges. You can earn between 100 and 600 Battle Points for completing each challenge. At least 1,900 Battle Points will be available via Challenges every week for a total of 14,000 Battle Points over the 7 week event. During the event, Challenges will be available Monday 12PM PT to the following Monday 12PM PT. There are 3 types of Challenges:
    1. Easy Challenges: 100 Points each
    2. Medium Challenges: 250 Points each
    3. Hard Challenges: 600 Points each

Through regular gameplay, you can earn more than enough points to complete the Pass and unlock its rewards.

A limited amount of Points will also be made available for sale in the shop every week during the event for players who want to get ahead or catch-up.

How can I track my event progress?

To track your progress in the event, you can find the “Battle Pass: Free and Premium Rewards” mission event in the Missions section of your game. As you collect Battle Points, you will complete tiers in the Mission.

Check out our blog each week to find out more info on your upcoming Weekly Challenges!

What do I do with Battle Pass Coins?

You can use Battle Pass Coins to make purchases in the limited time Battle Pass Black Market Store. You can obtain Battle Pass Coins in 3 ways:

  1. Complete the Free Tier to receive 2,000 Battle Pass Coins.
  2. Complete the Royal Tier to receive 8,100 Battle Pass Coins.
  3. Instantly unlock 1,500 Battle Pass Coins by buying the Royal Battle Pass Key.

With 11,600 total Battle Pass Coins, here is a taste of what you can buy in the Store:

  1. Up to 4,000 S-Class Rick Cards
  2. Up to 2x 5-Star Rositas and 4,000 S-Class Rosita Cards (you can get the remaining 2,000 S-Class Rosita Cards to redeem an S-Class Rosita directly through Battle Pass Mission rewards)
  3. Up to a full S-Class Raulito or Secretary Guo – 2x 5-Star Raulitos/Secretary Guo and 6,000 Raulito/Secretary Guo Cards!

Choose your rewards wisely!

The contents of the Store will be available throughout the duration of the Battle Pass.

We want to ensure that the Battle Pass provides a positive experience to you, so we will be looking closely at your feedback throughout to help improve the event moving forward.

NOTE: Battle Pass Coins and Points will expire at the end of the event, so be sure to spend them all.

Full List of Battle Pass Rewards: