Hello Survivors,

For a limited time, we will be bringing an all-new bonus open experience to S-Class recruits! The first-runs of new fighters released via S-Class Recruits will provide 17 Diamond Tokens as a bonus open reward for every 10 opens.

Diamond Tokens may be redeemed under the “Diamond” tab in the Black Market for prizes including trainers, gear, and energy refills. In addition Diamond Tokens may also be redeemed for a 5* Ascendable version of the featured S-Class recruit for 170 Tokens, meaning that you can still choose to obtain this character after 100 opens.  Additionally, you will now also have the option to redeem 238 Diamond Tokens directly for a Legendary version of the featured character. 

Finally, during the time that a new, first run S-Class fighter is available in S-Class recruits, the cards for that new S-Class fighter can be exchanged in the Black Market for Diamonds at a rate of 200 cards for 20 Diamonds. This is a great way to exchange any potentially unwanted featured cards for items that have more immediate benefits!

Our ultimate goal with all these changes is to help players get their fighters onto the battlefield faster and provide a more positive experience for anyone who participates in S-Class Recruits! Please let us know what you think of the changes in the official Discord and/or our official Forums!


Note: All item quantities and exchange rates detailed above are subject to change for future events