Summer is here! As soon as the temperature rises, everyone gets that “beach” itch, even when you’re busy surviving. Suddenly, everyone wants to get their hands on beach supplies, so Beach Balls and Beach Umbrellas are in big demand (no matter what state they are in) so you better keep an eye out for them when doing your daily scavenging.

Event Duration:

Start Date: Thursday, 6/25/20 09:00 AM PDT

End Date: Thursday, 7/2/20 09:00 AM PDT

Stash End Date: 7/3/20 09:00 AM PDT

Event Overview:

Obtaining Beach Balls is pretty easy. A series of 5 Daily Missions will reset each day, allowing you to complete them and obtain Beach Balls. 

Once you obtain your Beach Balls, the choice is yours!

You can either trade them for Wave Tokens in the Black Market to pull on the Beach Ball Stash or you can use them as energy and brave the challenge of the Summer Bash Roadmap.

Completing the Daily Summer Bash Roadmap will allow you to earn Tattered Beach Umbrellas.

You can also earn Tattered Beach Umbrellas by completing the main Summer Beach Bash mission event, which will offer challenges that can be completed throughout the duration of the entire event for Tattered Beach Umbrellas.

You can then trade your Tattered Beach Umbrellas for rewards in the Black Market, such as Storm and Gentleman Cards, Legendary Gear, Armory Tokens, Trainers and more.

Daily Missions – Earn Beach Balls

A series of missions will be available to complete each day. These missions will reset each day, allowing you to complete them and earn Beach Balls every day of the event. Make sure to complete them all each day!

MissionReward – Item
Kill 100 walkers10 Beach Ball
Win 10 Survival Road stages20 Beach Ball
Use any type of energy refill10 Beach Ball
Level up 6* Character 10 times20 Beach Ball
Win 10 Raids20 Beach Ball

Summer Bash Mission – Earn Tattered Beach Umbrellas

The main mission event will be available through the full duration of the event. You will be able to complete each challenge once to earn Tattered Beach Umbrellas for the Black Market.

MissionReward – Item
Open S-Class Recruits 10 times15 Tattered Beach Umbrella
Open Mystery Bag 10 Times15 Tattered Beach Umbrella
Use “Paralyzing Vengeance” Rush (S-Class Mercer) 30 Tattered Beach Umbrella
Use 1000 Coins10 Tattered Beach Umbrella
Use 20,000 Armory Tokens15 Tattered Beach Umbrella
Upgrade any Strong or Tough Character w/ a Veteran Ring10 Tattered Beach Umbrella
Complete 20 Arena Entries5 Tattered Beach Umbrella

Summer Bash Roadmap – Costs Beach Balls / Earn Tattered Beach Umbrellas

If you feel brave, you can try our Summer Bash Roadmap. You will need to use your Beach Balls as energy here, but you will be able to earn more Tattered Beach Umbrellas to trade in at the Black Market. Choose either the Stash or the Roadmap to sink your Beach Balls into, we don’t recommend trying both.

Roadmap Details:

  • 1 Act, 3 Stages
  • Unlock Cost: 20 Beach Balls
  • Difficulty: S14+
  • Cost: 20 Beach Balls per stage (total 60 per run)
  • Resets Daily
  • Act Reward: 50 Tattered Beach Umbrellas

Beach Ball Stash – Redeem Beach Balls

The Beach Ball stash will offer you quick and easy rewards for you to exchange for your Beach Balls. Trading 10 Beach Balls at the Black Market will net you 10 Wave Tokens, giving you 1 Open of the Beach Ball Stash.

The stash will offer multiple useful rewards for your day to day progress, such as 4-Star Weapon Tokens, Gear Markers, World Energy Cans, Trainers and other useful resources.

Black Market Trades – Redeem Tattered Beach Umbrellas

The Black Market will have all sorts of juicy trades available for your Tattered Beach Umbrellas throughout the event. 

10 Wave Tokens

  • Cost: 10 Beach Ball
  • Stock: 60

Stephanie’s Shotgun

  • Cost: 400 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 1

2000 Armory Token

  • Cost: 20 Tattered Beach Umbrella 
  • Stock: 15


  • Cost: 35 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 5

Engine Grease

  • Cost: 50 Tattered Beach Umbrella 
  • Stock: 3

5 Benedict

  • Cost: 40 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 5


  • Cost: 35 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 5

5 Brady

  • Cost: 10 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 5


  • Cost: 90 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 5

100 S-Class Storm Cards 

  • Cost: 70 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 10

100 S-Class Gentleman Cards 

  • Cost: 70 Tattered Beach Umbrella
  • Stock: 10