Greetings Survivors,

We are happy to announce the latest update to Road to Survival: The Total War Update! The Total War Update aims to address many issues with War without changing the core war experience our players know and love. We want to make it easier for all Factions to participate in every War and feel rewarded for doing so. We’ve also got new Maps, new features, new rewards, and more! Read below for more details.

War Updates

War Strongholds

War Strongholds are receiving a massive functionality boost in 26.0. Strongholds can now grant a variety of new effects such as Bleed, Burn, Exhaust, Slow, and even Guardian Shield! These new Strongholds will allow for a variety of different, crazy combinations for our Blitz Wars, and should shake up War strategy.

To reduce the “RNG” nature of Strongholds, expect to see some Strongholds with reduced shield times, attack cooldowns, and a variety of other factors as we iterate to making War the best experience it can possibly be. We’ve got some crazy Wars planned for the next few weeks with some intense new effects!

War Camp Animations

War Camp Animations have been updated to instantly reflect the status of the battlefield when exiting combat instead of playing through a series of animations. You should no longer have to click every camp in order to see it’s real time status, the animation state should directly reflect how damaged the camp is, or even if it is in repair.

New War Maps

For the first time ever, two brand new War Maps are coming to the game: Sanctuary and Kingdom!

These two new maps are set to different themes (Winter and Fall) to add some visual variety to War, and each map also has a variety of new Stronghold combinations. Each map will have both 6v6 and 8v8 Wars, as well as versions with 1, 3, and even 5 Strongholds. Expect these two new maps to be added to the War rotation.

Intra-realm Matchmaking

We’ve heard feedback that players miss the feeling of warring against their own Region, while others say CRW is the way to go. To help merge both of these experiences, Regions will now be able to match against Factions from their own Region in Cross Region War! This change may be tweaked in the future, but we hope this also expands the matchmaking pool even further, and allows for some friendly competition within Regions.


Mercenaries are now available for hire! Factions will now be able to add Mercenaries to their war teams on a time-limited basis to help get into queues faster and more often. Note: Mercenaries will be completely free to add to teams

What is a Mercenary Team?

Mercenary teams are AI War teams that will join your War Party when added by Faction members. Mercenary teams will be made up of low level 5* fighters, will not attack enemy camps, and will award bonus solo War points to attackers when they are defeated. Mercenary teams will be the equivalent to a Faction member being a “body” in War – they will allow you to queue, but will provide no benefit or advantage to the Faction using them.

Mercenaries will not affect matchmaking in any way. This means that adding Mercenaries to your team will not result in easier or harder matches in War.

How do I queue with a Mercenary?

Upon queuing for a War, factions will now see an option to add a Mercenary team to their War Party. A Mercenary can only be added to the War Party every few minutes, and each War Party will still need to be made up by a majority of players. Mercenary timers and counts may be tweaked in the future. Here is the initial Mercenary timer information:

8v8 Wars:

  • Mercenary Team 1: Can be added after 5 minutes in queue
  • Mercenary Team 2: Can be added after an additional 7 minutes in queue
  • Mercenary Team 3: Can be added after an additional 12 minutes in queue
  • Summary : Three teams can be added over 24 minutes

6v6 Wars:

  • Mercenary Team 1: Can be added after 5 minutes in queue
  • Mercenary Team 2: Can be added after an additional 5 minutes in queue
  • Summary: Two teams can be added over 10 minutes in queue

We hope Mercenaries speed up queues and get players into the action faster than ever before!

Total War Event

With the 26.0 update we will be launching a massive event with a series of 5 Wars over the next 6 weeks with new maps, new strongholds, and new rewards! The event will begin with a Mission Event allowing players to stock up on huge quantities of War Energy, and a subsequent Mission Event that will include massive rewards. Stay tuned next week for a full event breakdown.

War Rewards

The Total War Update also comes with a huge revamp to how War rewards will work over the next 6 weeks. We’ve listened to a lot of player feedback on this topic, and have made meaningful updates and changes to the rewards. The new Rewards will be detailed in the Total War Event blog post next week.

Introducing 6-Star Experience Trainer Bernadette!

Joining the ranks of Burt, Brady, Basil and Benedict is… Bernadette!

Bernadette is our new 6-star experience trainers, and she will award a grand total of 48,000 EXP when used to level up fighters – four times more experience than a Benedict! All players will be receiving Bernadettes in the Total War event to help level their fighters!

You’ll be able to check out all these changes in our Public Beta this week and let us know what you think! Our first War in the Total War event is a Blitz War scheduled for July 10th at 5pm. Stay tuned for the Total War and War Rewards breakdown next week!

Bug Fixes:


– Fixed a bug where Faction Supporter selection listings would not include stat increases from their mods
– Fixed a crash in territories caused when an opponent’s team was empty


– Fixed an issue where a Resilient specialist couldn’t resist Hemorrhage
– Fixed a bug with Mia’s death animation making her look like an adult
– Fixed some issues where when certain status effects got resisted, no resist callout would display- Fixed a rarely occurring issue where a Guardian Shield could show on a revived character from Pete Anderson that no longer had it
– Fixed an issue where Bodyguard specialists could protect each other, preventing both from taking damage