An all new Treasure Hunt Event is heading your way. Thanks to all your feedback during the original event, the Sequel hopes to offer more chances for Treasure Tokens and more fulfilling Emerald rewards.

So, without further ado, are you ready to find out how to get your hands on some Rubies and Emeralds? Read on! Adventure awaits in “Treasure Hunt: The Sequel”.

Event Duration:

  • Event start: 7/6/2020 12PM
  • Event end: 7/18/2020 12PM
  • Emerald Exchanges Close: 7/20/2020 12PM

Event Overview:

Continuing the adventure from our previous episode, the goal will still be to collect as many Rubies and Emeralds as you can. Any collected Rubies, Emeralds and Shovels from the previous Treasure Hunt can be used in this event.

Rubies are available from logging in daily in the Black Market and a daily roadmap.

Then the choice is yours! You can either use your Rubies to collect tokens for the Treasure Wheel, or hoard them and attempt to brave the Emerald Mine Roadmap.

Emeralds can be traded in the Black Market for S-Class Cards, Trainers or Legendary Gear.

Quick Start Guide

  • Collect Rubies to use in the Ruby and Emerald Mine Roadmaps. You can collect:
    • 3,000 Rubies for logging in daily in the Treasure Shop Black Market.
    • 3,000 more Rubies for Survivors Club members.
    • 3,000 Rubies through the Treasure Map Roadmap.
    • 20,000 Rubies available daily with Shovels. You can buy Shovel Packs in the “Treasure Hunt” Featured Shop!
  • You can spend:
    • 3,000 Rubies in the Ruby Mine every 8 hours for 1,000 Treasure Tokens.
    • 4,000 Rubies in the Treasure Shop for 1,000 Treasure Tokens.
    • 75,000 Rubies for 4 Emerald Keys to open the new and improved Emerald Mine Roadmap. Roadmap costs an additional 20,000 Rubies.
      • HINT: the 3rd stage of the Emerald Mine Roadmap drops more shiny Emerald surprises!
  • A taste of the rewards you can get:
    • 36,000 Treasure Tokens from regular engagement with the event as a Survivors Club member. That’s a lot of chances to hit those bountiful booties!
    • Gemtastic rewards like 1,500 Trader Cards, 5 GPS, or 50 Epic Trainers in the Treasure Shop.

How do I get Rubies?

Your first source for rubies will be the Black Market. Each day you will be able to collect 3,000 Rubies for free in the Treasure Shop tab.

Survivors Club Members can collect an extra 3,000 Rubies per day from the Black Market.

You will also be able to trade a max of 2 Shovels per day for an extra 10,000 Rubies each.

NOTE: Shovel Packs with 10 Shovels each will be available in the shop at the start of the event, so grab them early if you want to make the most out of them!

In this Treasure Hunt, we’ve introduced a new Treasure Map Roadmap, which will also provide you with 3,000 Rubies upon completion. This Roadmap resets daily.

Where do I use my Rubies?

Once you have a healthy collection of Rubies, the choice is yours!

If you’re after an easier time and are more interested in strengthening your Roster with Trainers, 5-Star and 6-Star Fighters, The Ruby Mine Roadmap is for you.

Resetting 3 times a day, you can spend 3,000 Rubies in the Ruby Mine to receive 1,000 Treasure Tokens as a reward. These tokens will allow you to try you luck at the Treasure Trove for fighters and trainers.

You can also trade 4,000 Rubies directly for 1,000 Treasure Tokens in the Black Market.

If you’re after juicer rewards and more of a challenge, The Emerald Mine is for you.

After obtaining Emerald Keys at the Black Market, you can use your saved up Rubies to attempt this challenging roadmap. The Emerald Mine will provide you with Emeralds for the Black Market.

Please note the Emerald Mine has been fine tuned and will hopefully offer a more rewarding and balanced experience.

Emeralds can be traded in the Black Market for the real treasures of our event:
S-Class Cards, Legendary Gear and Epic Trainers.

Yaaaaaar! Where do I spend my Treasure Tokens? The Treasure Trove, of course.

The Treasure Trove Wheel is here to help you recruit more fighters for your crew.

Spend 1,000 Treasure Tokens to pull on the wheel for a chance to earn 6 Star Recruits, 5 Star Recruits, Trainers and Skill Trainers.

Where do I spend my Rubies and Emeralds? The Treasure Shop Black Market!

Item:Treasure TokenGreen KeyThe Trader CardsMinerva CardsGentleman CardsPete CardsEpic TrainerGPSCanteen
Cost:4,000 Rubies75,000 Rubies5,000 Emeralds5,000 Emeralds5,000 Emeralds5,000 Emeralds3,250 Emeralds1,500 Emeralds1,500 Emeralds

Roadmap Info

Treasure Map

  • Duration: 1 Act, 3 Stages
  • Cost: 5 Energy per stage
  • Difficulty: S5 – S7
  • Resets: 1/Day
  • Stage Completion Reward: 1,000 Rubies per stage

Ruby Mine

  • Duration: 1 Act, 3 Stages
  • Cost: 1,000 Rubies per stage
  • Difficulty: S9 – S11
  • Resets: 3/Day
  • Stage Completion Reward: 500 5 Star Recruit Tokens per stage
  • Act Completion Reward: 1,000 Treasure Tokens

Emerald Mine

  • Duration: 1 Act, 3 Stages
  • Unlock Cost: 1 Emerald Key (Opens for 1 hour)
  • Cost:
    • Stage 1: 2,500 Rubies
    • Stage 2: 7,500 Rubies
    • Stage 3: 10,000 Rubies
  • Difficulty: S14 – S16 (Nightmare)
  • Resets: 1/Day
  • Stage Completion Reward: 500 Emeralds (HINT: check stage 3 drops for a surprise!)
  • Act Completion Reward: 2,000 Treasure Tokens