Greetings Survivors,

The Total War event is here! Battle through 5 Wars over the next 6 weeks and test the limits of your teams! Over the course of this event we will be experimenting with new types of Wars and War experiences. This means that your experience from War to War during this event will be varied! As of now, you can expect these changes to be temporary, meaning they won’t be applied to any War events outside of this event. However, depending on their reception, we may bring more of these new War experiences back in the future!.

Tentative War Schedule:

  • 7/10/20 5:00pm – Blitz War 1 (24 hour duration)
  • 7/17/20 5:00pm – Cross Region War 1 (48 hour duration)
  • 7/27/20 5:00pm – Blitz War 2 (24 hour duration)
  • 8/3/20 5:00pm – Blitz War 3 (24 hour duration)
  • 8/14/20 5:00pm – Cross Region War 2 (48 hour duration)

Each of these Wars will have unique, never before seen configurations that will be communicated as early as possible. Stay tuned for information on the first War!

Total War Missions

 Accompanying these wars will be a series of two mission events. The first Mission Event will be a “Prepare for Total War” set of missions that are launching today, Tuesday 7/7/20, at 5:00pm PDT! Engage in the preparation missions to earn massive amounts of War energy for the coming weeks.

The second set of missions will last for 6 weeks and run alongside the wars. The missions will look as follows:

Total War Mission Event
Total War MissionsReward 1QuantityReward 2Quantity
Master Mission: Complete all War Battle MissionsBernadette10Special Avatar1
Win 10 War BattlesBernadette2World Energy5
Win 25 War BattlesBurt20War Energy5
Win 50 War BattlesBrady10Armory Tokens20,000
Win 100 War BattlesBasil10World Energy5
Win 150 War BattlesBenedict10War Energy10
Win 225 War BattlesBurt30Armory Tokens40,000
Win 300 War BattlesBrady15World Energy10
Win 375 War BattlesBasil20War Energy10
Win 450 War BattlesBasil25Armory Tokens70,000
Win 550 War BattlesBenedict20Varnish5
Master Mission: Complete all War Siege MissionsBernadette5Platinum Mods5
Win 1 War SiegeBernadette2World Energy5
Win 3 War SiegesLilith2War Energy5
Win 8 War SiegesUlysses2Armory Tokens20,000
Win 15 War SiegesLilith2World Energy5
Win 25 War SiegesUlysses2War Energy10
Win 40 War SiegesLilith2Armory Tokens40,000
Win 55 War SiegesUlysses3World Energy10
Win 70 War SiegesLilith3War Energy10
Win 85 War SiegesUlysses3Armory Tokens70,000
Win 100 War SiegesLilith3Engine Grease5
Master Mission: Complete all War Camp MissionsBernadette5
Attack 10 War CampsBernadette2World Energy5
Attack 20 War CampsGear Markers4000World Energy5
Attack 30 War CampsElite Item Tokens4000Armory Tokens20,000
Attack 50 War Camps5* Recruit Tokens10000World Energy5
Attack 70 War CampsGear Markers8000War Energy10
Attack 100 War CampsElite Item Tokens8000Armory Tokens40,000
Attack 130 War Camps5* Recruit Tokens20000World Energy10
Attack 160 War CampsGear Markers16000War Energy10
Attack 200 War CampsElite Item Tokens16000Armory Tokens70,000
Attack 250 War Camps5* Recruit Tokens40000Blow Torch5

You’ll be able to claim this exclusive Avatar by completing the War Battles Master mission!

Total War Stash

The Total War Stash will also be running for all 6 weeks! Earn Total War Stash Tokens in war events, and earn the various prizes that are inside! The Total War Stash will repeat an infinite number of times, meaning that each time you complete the Stash, a new one appears. The Total War Stash will continue to give out War Tokens and Half Rotting Heads, as well as tons of trainers, food, and gear. Total War Stash:

Every 5 Opens = 100 War Tokens or 25 Half Rotting Heads Choice Box

Benedict121Brady321Tripod or Dummy or Gauntlet or Sheath Choice Box2
Benedict122Brady322Tripod or Dummy or Gauntlet or Sheath Choice Box2
Benedict123Brady323Tripod or Dummy or Gauntlet or Sheath Choice Box2
Benedict124Brady324Tripod or Dummy or Gauntlet or Sheath Choice Box2
Benedict125Brady325Tripod or Dummy or Gauntlet or Sheath Choice Box2
Benedict126Brady326Whetstone or Holster or Mask or Bandolier Choice Box2
Benedict127Brady327Whetstone or Holster or Maskor Bandolier Choice Box2
Benedict128Brady328Whetstone or Holster or Mask or Bandolier Choice Box2
Benedict129Brady329Whetstone or Holster or Mask or Bandolier Choice Box2
Benedict130Brady330Whetstone or Holster or Mask or Bandolier Choice Box2
Basil231Burt431Food Bag2,000,000
Basil232Burt432Food Bag2,000,000
Basil233Burt433Food Bag2,000,000
Basil234Burt434Food Bag2,000,000
Basil235Burt435Food Bag2,000,000
Basil236Burt436Food Bag2,000,000
Basil237Burt437Food Bag2,000,000
Basil238Burt438Food Bag2,000,000
Basil239Burt439Food Bag2,000,000
Basil240Burt440Food Bag2,000,000

War Rewards and Milestones

As part of the event, we will also be undertaking a massive improvement to War Rewards! Expect to see more ranks as well increased  trainers, S-class cards, gear, and more! Every single rank will be earning the same or more War Tokens and Half Rotting Heads than before through the new Total War Stash! The rewards for the first War are as follows:

S-class Rank/Milstone Choice Box Contents:

It is our goal to have the S-class choice box contents updated more frequently as we run Wars. As newer S-class content is introduced it will be included in the choice box rewards, and rewards will move up and out of the box. The box for the first Total War:

S-class Box
CardsQuantity Per Box
Rosita Cards50
Eugene Cards50
Rick Cards40
Mateo Cards40
Jacki Cards30
AJ Cards30
Alpha Cards20
Trader Cards20

Note: While we would like to include as many new and relevant S-Class characters as possible, there may be some instances where some S-Class Characters may be excluded from these boxes.

Rank Rewards:

RankRewards 1QuantityReward 2QuantityReward 3Quantity
150-Card S-Class Choice Box256 Lilith & 5 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens60
250-Card S-Class Choice Box216 Lilith & 5 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens50
350-Card S-Class Choice Box195 Lilith & 5 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens45
4-550-Card S-Class Choice Box185 Lilith & 5 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens40
6-1050-Card S-Class Choice Box164 Lilith & 4 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens35
11-1550-Card S-Class Choice Box144 Lilith & 4 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens30
16-2050-Card S-Class Choice Box122Lilith & 2 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens25
21-2550-Card S-Class Choice Box112Lilith & 2 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens25
26-3050-Card S-Class Choice Box102Lilith & 2 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens20
31-3550-Card S-Class Choice Box92Lilith & 2 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens20
36-4050-Card S-Class Choice Box82Lilith & 2 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens15
41-5050-Card S-Class Choice Box71Lilith & 1 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens15
51-6050-Card S-Class Choice Box61Lilith & 1 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens10
61-10050-Card S-Class Choice Box51Lilith & 1 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens10
101-100050-Card S-Class Choice Box41Lilith & 1 Ulysses1Total War Stash Tokens10

Milestone Rewards:

MilestoneRewards 1AmountReward 2AmountReward 3Amount
1,0005-Star Recruit Token150050-Shard S-Class Choice Box1Gear Markers5000
5,0005-Star Recruit Token350050-Shard S-Class Choice Box1Gear Markers5000
10,0005-Star Recruit Token500050-Shard S-Class Choice Box2Hand Crank Radio2
25,000Total War Stash Tokens250-Shard S-Class Choice Box2Military Watch2
50,000Total War Stash Tokens350-Shard S-Class Choice Box2Canteen2
100,000Total War Stash Tokens550-Shard S-Class Choice Box2GPS2

Milestones may change depending on the type of War being run. Expect to see higher milestones for CRW!

Thank you for all your feedback as we continue to make War a better experience for everyone. Keep an eye out for the upcoming War configurations including crazy new strongholds – or even no strongholds at all!