To help you in your Battle Pass efforts and to celebrate our updated Torch Roadmap rewards, a new Limited Time Bonus Torches Roadmap will be available, granting you more Torches as rewards.

The Bonus Torches Roadmap will reset once a day, awarding a Torch Mystery bag on Act completion and 5 Torches per stage.

It will be available, for a Limited Time only, from Tuesday 7/14/20 12:00 PM PDT until Saturday 7/18/20 12:00 PDT.

Bonus Torches Roadmap:

  • Available: 7/14/20 12:00PM PDT – 7/18/20 12:00PM PDT
  • Resets: 1/Day
  • Duration: 1 Act, 3 Stages
  • Cost: 10 energy per stage (total 30 energy)
  • Difficulty: S4, S9, S15
  • Stage Reward: 5 Torches (Total 15)
  • Act Reward: 1 Torches Mystery Bag