You can hear the clanking roar of the engines and the smell of burnt oil and suspicious fumes fill the air. Rows of barely running clunkers fill the streets…

It’s time for the Roadathon!

It’s the race of races and speed is what counts! Well… as fast as you can go while stopping every now and then to clear out the obstacles in your path… but a race nonetheless!

Face a series of Survival Road Events where reaching the last stage in the fastest time will be key to victory!

Event Duration:

Start Date: Monday, July 20 4:00 PM PDT

End Date: Friday, July 31st 4:00 PM PDT

Black Market Trades end: Saturday, August 1 4:00 PM PDT

Event Overview:

Over the next couple of weeks, you will face Solo Survival Road Events of increasing difficulty and length. The winner will be decided by who reaches the last stage in the shortest time* and reaches the highest score.

First stage completion: 1 point + Bonus Points (Bonus points increase the further you progress)
Repeat stage completion: 1 point

*Shortest time will determine the winner in case of a tie

Roadathon ModeStart DateEnd DateDuration
Easy (25 Stages)Monday, July 20 at 4pmWednesday, July 22 at 4pm2 Days
Normal (25 Stages)Wednesday, July 22 at 4PMFriday, July 24 at 4pm2 Days
Hard (30 Stages)Tuesday, July 28 at 4PMFriday, July 31 at 4pm3 Days

During the Survival Road Events you will be able to earn Tires via Rank Rewards and Steering Wheels via Milestone Rewards and will also be available as offers via the shop.

You’ll be able to trade in your Tires and Steering wheels in the Black Market for rewards.

Black Market Trades 

Steering Wheels 
ItemQuantitySteering Wheel CostStock
Survival Road Energy Refill1255
Trader Cards808010
Alpha Cards808010
Princess Cards1008010
Shiva Cards1008010
ItemQuantityTires CostStock
Varnish / Engine / Blow Torch Choice Box1503
Armory Token5000258
Weapon Choice Box12501
6-Star Character Choice Box1204
AJ Cards5001002
Mateo Cards5001002

Note: Rewards have been updated to include AJ, Mateo and Trader Cards

Weapon Choice Box:

  • Ryan’s Blunderbuss
  • Kapoor’s Six Shooter
  • Carrie-Ann’s Sword
  • Eugene’s Old Man Cane

6 Star Character Choice Box

  • Elena “Typhoon”
  • Roadie “Road to Survival” #2
  • Tye “Road to Survival” #2
  • Kyle “Road to Survival” #2