Hello Survivors,

As some of you may know, there was an issue with Arena on Friday, 7/24, where many players had a delay in the delivery of their Arena rewards. These rewards were distributed on Monday before the end of the Stretch. As a result, most players’ league progress was not negatively impacted by the delay. However, a subset of players, who earned Champions Tickets, had their leagues progression negatively impacted because their Champions Tickets were not delivered until after the Champions Arena ended.

Due to this, we will be sending all players whose Draft Arena Rewards were delayed and who earned Champions Tickets the following compensation, based on the number of Champions Tickets those players earned:

  • 1 Champion Ticket Earned
    • 250 Coins
    • 1500 Season Tokens
    • 3000 League Tokens
  • 2 Champions Tickets Earned
    • 500 Coins
    • 2500 Season Tokens
    • 5000 League Tokens
  • 3 Champions Tickets Earned
    • 750 Coins
    • 3500 Season Tokens
    • 7500 League Tokens

For impacted players, please expect to receive these rewards via inbox on your live region within the next 24 hours. Once they arrive in your inbox, you will have 1 week to claim them.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.