Hello Survivors,

Season 12 is coming this Monday, August 10th, with a few key improvements based on community feedback:

League Changes & Return of Demotions

To make League progress more accessible to players, broaden access to rewards and allow better segment competition, the following changes will be made:

  • All players will begin Season 12 in the same League that they were in, as of the Home Stretch of Season 11:
    • Players currently in Diamond League will all begin Season 12 in the Diamond 1 Division.
    • Players currently in Gold and Platinum Leagues will be subject to qualifiers that will determine their starting Division
    • Players currently in Bronze and Silver will begin Season 12 in the same division they were in during Season 11’s Home Stretch
  • Platinum and Diamond Leagues will both be extended to include five divisions (up from three)
  • Demotions will be restored for leagues above Gold I but below Diamond IV, to prevent players from getting trapped in more difficult leagues 

Smaller Bracket Sizes = Easier, Better Rewards

Gold and Platinum Leagues will be divided into groups of up to 150 (down from as high as 250). 

This will result in more brackets being created each stretch, and will also result in similarly smaller brackets being created for Arenas. Consequently, more players will have better access to higher rank rewards (as more “top ranks” will become available) and increased bracket diversity resulting in fewer repeat matchups among players. 

Reduced Trophies in Arena Rank Rewards

We will be reducing the maximum amount of trophies earned from Arenas by 20% for Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Leagues while trophy minimums will remain the same. 

Fewer maximum trophy rewards mean less pressure to achieve top ranks to progress in Leagues, while maintaining existing minimums will continue to provide a benefit to players who consistently utilize their free Arena entries. 

We hope this change reduces the competitive pressure in Arenas, focusing more on rewarding participation rather than performance. 

Season 12 Exclusive: S-Class Franklin & Season Store Update

We’re pleased to announce that due to player feedback, the Seasonal Character will be once again purchasable directly from the Season Store, instead of earning it via the League Campaign missions.

This season’s exclusive S-Class character – Franklin – will be available in the Season Store for 40,000 Season Tokens. 

Additionally, you will also be able to purchase 500 cards for S-Class Dylan, S-Class Clementine and S-Class Jason for 5,000 Season tokens each. You’ll be able to buy up to 6,000 S-Class Jason cards to help finish your Season 11 efforts, while Dylan and Clementine cards will be limited to 2,500 S-Class Cards.

Returning items from Season 11 include Baseball Caps, Letterman Jackets, Mia’s Pistol and Jason’s Assault Rifle, all which will require the same amount of Season Tokens as before.

League Campaign Missions & New AP Drain Paragon Mods

With the return of the season’s exclusive character to the League Store, we will be discontinuing League Campaign missions for all Leagues except Diamond.

Players who can reach the Diamond 5 Division this season will be awarded an exclusive AP Drain Paragon Mod (from the set of their choosing), offering a minor chance at causing -75AP* to enemies when attacking. 

Note that League Campaign missions will become available Tuesday, August 11th at 12 PM PT. 


*Updated 2:00PM PDT