Summer is ending, but there’s still enough time to enjoy those last rays of Sunshine with a refreshing drink.

To get the crew in a celebratory mood, you and your teammates decide maybe it’s time to splurge on some Alcoholic Seltzers, to allow everyone to enjoy the last days of Summer, and maybe convince a few to join you in your next outing… And the Trader just looves his Alcoholic Seltzer.

Event Dates

Start: Friday, 8/28/20 2:00 PM PDT 

End: Saturday, 9/5/20 2:00 PM PST

Event Overview

Log in each day to claim a free Mystery Bag containing Alcoholic Seltzers via a Log in Streak Mission Event.

You will be able to use them as energy for the Old-School Seltzer Roadmap, which will offer S-Class Cards Choice Boxes as Act rewards, and reset once per day.

Alcoholic Seltzers will also be available in offers in the store.

Seltzer Roadmap

This Roadmap will reset once per day and use Alcoholic Seltzer as Energy.

Seltzer Roadmap details:

  • 3 Acts, 3 Stages Each
  • Old School Rules
  • Difficulty: S6+
  • Resets: Once per day
  • Stage Cost:
    • Act 1: 3 Alcoholic Seltzer per stage (9 total)
    • Act 2: 6 Alcoholic Seltzer per Stage (18 Total)
    • Act 3: 8 Alcoholic Seltzer per Stage (24 Total)
  • Act Rewards:
    • Act 1: 1 S-Class Cards Choice Box
    • Act 2: 3 S-Class Cards Choice Box
    • Act 3: 6 S-Class Cards Choice Box

S-Class Choice Box (Choice of):

  • 100 Trader Cards
  • 100 Rick Cards
  • 100 Aaron Cards
  • 100 Frost Cards