Listen to my tale, weary traveler.

The tale of an odd pairing, a Scotsman, and a Bear, who took to roaming all the way from New Orleans to Granite City.

A tale full of murder and honey, which sounds sweeter than you might expect, but is deadlier than you’d ever suspect.

Piqued your interest? Then stay a while and listen…

Event Dates 

Event starts: Tuesday 9/1/20 5:00 PM PDT

Event ends: Wednesday 10/7/20 12:00 PM PDT

Honey Shop Market closes: Friday 10/9/20 12:00 PM PDT

Event Details

Not to state the obvious, but Brutus the bear is kind of a big guy. That means you’re going to need a LOT of Honey.

Bee Hives will be your main goal in this event if you want to keep Brutus going and discover his tale in the Story Roadmaps.

You can earn Bee Hives throughout the event in several ways:

  • Milestone rewards in Tournaments: As usual, by regularly participating in our weekly Tournaments, you’ll earn a healthy amount of Beehives.
  • Arena Participation: will also provide you with a regular source of Beehives throughout the event.
  • Daily Login reward: Each day you will be able to claim free Bee Hives in the Honey Shop Market, with extra free daily Bee Hives for Survivor Club Members!

You will be able to use the Bee Hives as energy in the Story Roadmaps for the event. Each week, a new chapter will become available, uncovering more parts of Brutus’ story and rewarding you with Bear Paw Tokens. Each Story Roadmap will be available for a limited time, so don’t miss your chance at S-Class Brutus.

Bear Paw Tokens, and other useful rewards, will also be available as rewards from the “A Bear’s Journey” Daily Login Mission Event and other limited-time events in September. 

In total, you can earn up to 40 Bear Paw Tokens over the 5 weeks of the event through gameplay. Additional Tokens will be available for purchase in limited quantities.

You’ll be able to cash in your Bear Paw Tokens for either an S-Class Brutus or S-Class Cards from past Monthly Event Characters in the Honey Shop Market.

Honey Shop Market Content:

S-Class Brutus

  • Cost: 40 Bear Paw Tokens
  • Stock: 1

1,000 S-Class Willie Cards

  • Cost: 6 Bear Paw Tokens
  • Stock: 10

1,000 S-Class Lilly Cards

  • Cost: 5 Bear Paw Tokens
  • Stock: 10

1,000 S-Class Dr. Stevens Cards

  • Cost: 5 Bear Paw Tokens
  • Stock: 10

1,000 S-Class Dylan Cards

  • Cost: 5 Bear Paw Tokens
  • Stock: 10

1,000 S-Class Aaron Cards

  • Cost: 4 Bear Paw Tokens
  • Stock: 10

2 Bee Hives – Free for All 

  • Cost: FREE
  • Stock: Once per Day

3 Bee Hives – Free for Survivor’s Club 

  • Cost: FREE to Survivor’s Club Members
  • Stock: Once per Day