Life in the post-apocalypse has pretty much changed everything, from societies to even who we consider our own family.

Helping each other is paramount to our survival, and strong bonds form in everyday survival, putting that old saying of “Blood is thicker than water” to the test. Relationships are formed stronger through sweat and toil, compared to familial ties.

So, why not help each other out? Join your brothers and sisters in arms and prove once and for all that Blood spilled together is thicker!

Event Dates:

Start Date: 10/6/20 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

End Date: 10/18/20 at 10:00 a.m. PDT

Event Overview:

A new Mission Event will be available, that will track your efforts to increase your bonds with your Faction mates.

Hiring Faction Supporters, collecting Helper Tokens, completing Friendly Duels, and even using some of your Fighter’s Adrenaline Rush abilities will all count towards your Mission progression.

Progressing through the event milestones will award you with Can collectibles which you can use as energy in the Bloodline Roadmap.

The Bloodline Roadmap will be available throughout the event and reset every 12 hours.  Mystery Bags will be awarded upon stage completion and an S-Class Choice Box for Act completion. 

Main Mission Event

Completing milestones will award you with Can collectibles which can be used as energy in the Bloodline Roadmap.

And yep! You can complete these in any order you want.

Mission 1Hire 5 Faction Supportersx10 Can
Mission 2Hire 10 Faction Supportersx10 Can
Mission 3Hire 15 Faction Supportersx10 Can
Mission 4Hire 25 Faction Supportersx10 Can
Mission 5Hire 35 Faction Supportersx10 Can
Mission 6Hire 50 Faction Supportersx10 Can
Mission 7Complete 1 Friendly Duelx10 Can
Mission 8Complete 3 Friendly Duelsx10 Can
Mission 9Complete 5 Friendly Duelsx10 Can
Mission 10Complete 10 Friendly Duelsx10 Can
Mission 11Collect 5 Helper Tokensx10 Can
Mission 12Collect 10 Helper Tokensx10 Can
Mission 13Collect 15 Helper Tokensx10 Can
Mission 14Collect 25 Helper Tokensx10 Can
Mission 15Collect 35 Helper Tokensx10 Can
Mission 16Use “Dead Stop” 1 Time (S-Class James)x10 Can
Mission 17Use “Traumatic Rejection” 1 Time (S-Class Angel)x10 Can
Mission 18Use “Trickster’s Grit” 1 Time (S-Class Princess)x10 Can
Mission 19Use “Take Your Meds” 1 Time (S-Class Dr. Stevens)x10 Can
Mission 20Use “Courageous Ethos” 1 Time (S-Class Rick)x10 Can

Bloodline Roadmap

You can put your earned Can collectibles to use as energy to complete the Bloodline Roadmap. It will reset every 12 hours, offering you the chance to earn the Stage and Act rewards again.

Bloodline Roadmap Details:

  • 1 Act, 5 Stages
  • Full run cost: 34 Cans
  • Difficulty: S9-S13
  • Stage reward: 1 Mystery Bag
  • Act reward: 1 S-Class Card Choice Box

Mystery Bag Contents:
A chance at obtaining 1 of the following:

  • 1 Random Platinum Mod
  • 1 Legendary Gear Choice Box
  • 1 Epic Gear Choice Box
  • 2 Burts
  • 4,000 Mod Scraps
  • 1,000 Gear Markers

S-Class Card Choice Box:
A choice of:

  • 200 Trader Cards
  • 200 Jacki Cards
  • 300 Mercer Cards
  • 300 Daiyu Cards