Hello Survivors,

We discovered an issue with today’s Survival Road Tournament where some players were able to complete all stages of the SRT, then transfer to reset their Tournament stage progress but were able to erroneously maintain their tournament score progress during the transfer. The intended functionality is that all tournament progress is reset upon region transfers being performed, which includes the Solo Tournament Road progress on the “Solo Leagues” tab of the Survival leaderboard.

“Solo Leagues Progress”, mentioned in the “What Transfers” tool tip screen, does not apply to any tournaments that are in-progress. “Solo League Progress” only refers to finalized tournament results that have already awarded Solo League Trophies.

In order to ensure that the current Survival Road Tournament’s competitive integrity is maintained, we will be correcting all player’s event progress to reflect their current region’s SRT progress only, removing any points that were erroneously moved during region transfer. This correction will take place prior to the end of the current Survival Road Tournament.

Additionally, we will be adjusting the remaining Roadathon Survival Road Tournaments, Ending Wed (10/07/2020) at 4:00pm pdt, to have standard Survival Road Tournament scoring to avoid any additional issues.

We will be sending all players 2 Survival Road Refills for the inconvenience. Please expect to receive these via inbox within the next 24 hours.

We hope you continue to enjoy Roadathon!