Your first chance to earn Jack-o-Lanterns is here!

While you continue to collect your Trick or Treat pails in the daily FREE gift, the Dark Harvest Raid brings you a Tournament offering you the chance to earn Jack-o-Lanterns in Milestone rewards and Skulls in Raid Drops!

Compared to our regular Raid Tournaments, the Dark Harvest Raid will offer an extra challenge to aim for, including a new reward tier for reaching a new 4,000 point Solo Milestone.

Remember, collecting Jack-o-Lanterns will get you one step closer to unlocking S-Class Nick and Skulls for claiming the Halloween Grim Axe.

Tournament Dates

Starts: 10/14/2020 4:00 PM PDT 

Ends: 10/16/2020 4:00 PM PDT

Earning Skulls

By completing Raids during the Dark Harvest Raid Tournament, will provide Skulls as drop rewards. Each completed Raid will provide you a guaranteed drop of Skulls in varying amounts.

Ranked and Milestone Rewards

The Dark Harvest Raid offers an exclusive level of challenge with a new 3,200 & 4,000 point Solo Milestone. 

RankRewards 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
1100 Shiva / 60 Imani Cards Choicebox10Armory Token80,0001 Varnish or 2 Engine Grease1
2-3100 Shiva / 60 Imani Cards Choicebox5Armory Token50,0002 Engine Grease1
4-10100 Shiva / 60 Imani Cards Choicebox3Armory Token35,0001 Engine Grease or 1 Machinist File1
11-50Shiva Cards150Armory Token25,0001 Machinist File or 1 Cutting Fluid1
51-250Shiva Cards50Armory Token15,000Cutting Fluid1
251 – 1000Shiva Cards15Armory Token5,000Duct Tape1
MilestoneRewards 1Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
400League Token900Jack-O’-Lantern100Armory Token850
800League Token2250Jack-O’-Lantern100Armory Token1350
1,600League Token4500Jack-O’-Lantern150Armory Token1850
2,400League Token7250Jack-O’-Lantern150Armory Token2275
3,200League Token8500Jack-O’-Lantern175Armory Token2275
4,000League Token9750Jack-O’-Lantern175Armory Token2500