The final themed Tournament for our Haunted Skirmish event is almost here!

Creepy Onslaught offers a twist on our classic Faction Onslaught where we try to put extra emphasis on Faction collaboration and strategy, and add an extra layer of rewards for individual participation.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the new changes featured in Creepy Onslaught:

  • Timers will be shortened to 20 mins
    We want Creepy Onslaught to feel faster and more intense. By shortening the timer to 20 minutes, we expect you to be able to spend more time in combat and battling than simply waiting around for the action to resume. 
  • Increase Survival Bonus Points:
    • 500k Survival Bonus Points for Diamond League
    • 250k Survival Bonus Points for Platinum League

We’re boosting the Survival Bonus Points you’ll receive in the top leagues to try and encourage a variety of playstyles while offering an extra incentive to aim for more challenging encounters, as Survival Bonus points will play a larger role in your overall score.

  • Increase in Diamond Rewards
    We want to properly reward Factions who go for the toughest challenges by adding extra rewards in our Diamond League, compared to Platinum.
  • Adding Individual Milestones
    We’ve heard your feedback, so we’re adding a new layer of Solo Mission Events to the Creepy Onslaught, to ensure those actively participating in the event get extra recognition for their efforts, compared to those riding their coattails.
  • Skulls awarded as Battle Rewards
    You will be awarded a varying amount of Skulls as Battle Rewards. The amount earned each time will be significantly higher than the amounts you are awarded during Dark Harvest Raids, so take full advantage if you’re aiming for the Halloween Grim Axe!

This will be the first of 2 Creepy Onslaughts that we have planned for the Haunted Skirmish, and remember: don’t miss out on the Trick or Treat Roadmap that will be active at the same time.

Here’s a better look at our Faction and Solo Mission Events, along with the Rank Rewards offered for Diamond League (Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze remain unchanged).

Creepy Onslaught Mission Events

The Creepy Onslaught will feature both Faction and Solo mission events simultaneously, to help reward those who truly carry their team through these events.

Remember, the Faction Mission Event will be your main source of Jack-O-Lanterns. 

Faction Mission Event

ObjectiveRewards 1Quantity 1Rewards 2Quantity 2Reward 3Quantity 3
Win 100 Onslaught Battles as a Faction5-Star Recruit Token2500Armory Token650Jack-O’-Lantern200
Win 200 Onslaught Battles as a Faction5-Star Recruit Token5000Armory Token650Jack-O’-Lantern200
Win 300 Onslaught Battles as a FactionOnslaught Choicebox1Armory Token975Jack-O’-Lantern300
Win 400 Onslaught Battles as a FactionOnslaught Choicebox3Armory Token975Jack-O’-Lantern300
Win 500 Onslaught Battles as a FactionOnslaught Choicebox6Armory Token1675Jack-O’-Lantern400
Win 1000 Onslaught Battles as a FactionOnslaught Choicebox6Armory Token1675Jack-O’-Lantern600
Complete All MissionsOnslaught Choicebox2Armory Token1,000Jack-O’-Lantern200

Onslaught Choicebox Contents (choice of):

  • 50 Jacki Cards
  • 50 AJ Cards
  • 40 Alpha Cards
  • 40 Trader Cards
  • 30 Storm Cards
  • 30 Carrie Ann Cards
  • 20 Imani Cards
  • 20 Negan Cards

Solo Mission Event

ObjectiveRewards 1Quantity 1Rewards 2Quantity 2
Win 4 Onslaught BattlesS-Class Cards Choicebox1Duct Tape3
Win 8 Onslaught BattlesS-Class Cards Choicebox1BlowTorch3
Win 12 Onslaught BattlesS-Class Cards Choicebox11 Machinist File or 1 Cutting Fluid6
Win 20 Onslaught BattlesS-Class Cards Choicebox1Armory Token2500
Complete all MissionsS-Class Cards Choicebox1Armory Token2500

The S-Class Cards Choicebox contents will be the same as the Tournament rewards choice box.

S-Class Cards Choicebox contents (choice of):

  • 100 AJ Cards
  • 60 Axel Cards

Diamond League Rank Rewards

To help you understand the boost we’re providing for Diamond League rewards better here’s the full list of Diamond League Ranked Rewards. 

Remember: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze remain unchanged 

RankRewards (Diamond)Quantity 1Reward 2Quantity 2
1S-Class Cards Choicebox18Basil30
2S-Class Cards Choicebox16Basil25
3S-Class Cards Choicebox14Basil20
4S-Class Cards Choicebox12Basil18
5S-Class Cards Choicebox10Basil16
6S-Class Cards Choicebox9Basil14
7S-Class Cards Choicebox8Basil12
8S-Class Cards Choicebox7Basil10
9S-Class Cards Choicebox6Basil8
10S-Class Cards Choicebox5Basil6
11S-Class Cards Choicebox4Basil4

We hope these changes, along with the Reduced Timers and Survival Bonus Points boost, will offer one of the most engaging Faction Onslaughts to date, and we look forward to seeing your thoughts on our upcoming Creepy Onslaught!