*Rewards Updated 3:25 PM PDT 10/27/2020*

The timer is ticking and we bet you’ve been dying to know what we’re going to include next in the War Depot!

Fret no more! We have the new set ready to be released today and it will be available for the next couple of months, until 12/26/20 at 5:00 PM.

War Tokens CostStock
25 Half Rotting Heads10040
1 S-Class Cards Choicebox A20020
1 S-Class Cards Choicebox B20020
1 6-Star Character Choicebox3004
1 Bernadette4005
1 Varnish2005
1 Engine Grease10010
2 Blow Torches1005
25,000 Gear Markers1005

S-Class Card Choicebox A Contents: (choice of)

  • 200 Aaron Cards
  • 200 Jacki Cards
  • 200 Minerva Cards
  • 200 Aarav Cards

S-Class Card Choicebox B Contents: (choice of)

  • 200 Jobe Cards
  • 200 Michonne Cards
  • 200 Imani Cards
  • 200 Storm Cards

 6-Star Character Choicebox Contents: (choice of)

  • Jiafeng “Typhoon”
  • Dr. Stevens “Road to Survival” #4
  • Alice “Road to Survival” #1
  • Slater “Road to Survival” #2

The War Stash will remain unaltered, and we hope you enjoy the updated rewards in the War Depot!
REMEMBER: Make sure you use your current War Stash tokens before 5:00 PM PDT 10/27/20, as War Stash Tokens expire.