Character Breakdown

Trait: FastHealth4,110
Role: TankDefense4,893
S- ClassAttack3,093
Rush: Four Way Stop
Cost: 76 AP
Effect : This character gets +100% defense and regains up to 100% of their max HP for 3 turns. Up to 3 teammates get +50% Defense for 2 Turns.
Active Skill: Defense up, Normalize, and AP Gain
Initial Cooldown: Turn 1
Effect: This character gets +50% defense and all strong enemies get Normalize for 2 turns. This character gains +35% AP.
Specialist Skill: Bodyguard
The first time each turn that an ally teammate takes 30% of their max HP from a single Attack, Rush, or Active skill, this character will take that damage instead. Damage transferred this way is reduced by 50%.

Unique Weapon

Gameplay Walkthrough


  • Bodyguard keeps your weaker enemies alive by reducing damage taken by 50%. This coupled with Carl’s ability to get 100% DEF and 100% HP for 3 turns makes him the best protection on a defense team we have seen yet
  • Normalizing Strong is directed directly at the S-class Rick Grimes of the world. A perfect counter to command.
  • Lets not forget a weapon that is healing every wave and what you get is a massive defensive toon that slows down the enemy greatly

How to Collect

  • Carl’s collectibles are Carl Cards, available now in S-Class Recruits! 2,000 Carl Cards will be required for 5 Star Ascendable Carl.
  • 6000 Carl Cards and 2 maxed out 6 Star Carl are required for S-Class Carl!
  • S-Class Carl can now be obtained as a drop from the S-Class Recruits Wheel! NOW WITH DOUBLE THE ODDS!