Although many can have influence, in Negan’s eyes True Power lies in the strength and numbers behind you.

So as he watches the world around him burn, Negan raises his glass to those who stand by him and provide him with the power he seeks and rewards those who join him in his quest.

Increase your own power during our event by leveling your teammates and participating in level up tournaments to be rewarded with S-Class cards, Trainers, Armory Tokens, and more.

Here’s to your followers, and the power they bring.

Event Dates:

Start Date: 11/6 12:00 PM PT

End Date:  11/16 12:00 PM PT

Event Overview:

In “A Toast to Power” increasing the power of your roster is your key to success

Negan will invite you to toast with him by rewarding you with Wine Glasses and Bottles of Wine when you complete your Daily and Main Mission Events.

You will then be able to exchange your collected Wine Glasses and Bottles of Wine in the Gray Market for S-Class Cards, Benedicts, Armory tokens, and more.

Daily Mission Event

Each day, you’ll be able to complete the Daily Mission Event once, awarding you with a Glass of Wine and an S-Class Cards Choicebox A.

Daily Mission Event
ObjectiveReward 1Reward 2
Level up any fighter 10 times1x Glass of Wine1x S-Class Cards Choicebox A

S-Class Cards Choicebox A contents: (choice of)

  • 100 Negan Cards
  • 100 Storm Cards
  • 100 Dylan Cards
  • 100 Trader Cards

Main Mission Events

You will have 2 Main Mission Events active throughout the duration of the event. One will award you for your level up efforts throughout the entire event. The second will provide you with extra rewards for reaching Milestones in Level up Tournaments while the event is active.

Mission 1 (Level up 5* Fighters)Reward 1Reward 2
Level up 5* Fighters 50 times4x Burt2x S-Class Cards Choicebox A
Level up 5* Fighters 100 times4x Burt2x S-Class Cards Choicebox A
Level up 5* Fighters 150 times8x Burt2x S-Class Cards Choicebox A
Level up 5* Fighters 200 times8x Brady2x S-Class Cards Choicebox A
Level up 5* Fighters 300 times8x Brady2x S-Class Cards Choicebox A
Complete all Objectives4x Basil1x S-Class Cards Choicebox A
Mission 2 (Reach Milestones in Level up Tournaments)Reward 1
Reach 2.1m Milestone 2 times40 Bottles of Wine
Reach 3.0m Milestone 1 time40 Bottles of Wine
Complete all Objectives20 Bottles of Wine

Gray Market Rewards

Exchanging your Wine Glasses and Bottles of Wine can earn you some pretty powerful rewards.

S-Class Cards Choicebox B

  • Contents: (choice of)
    • 300 Axel Cards
    • 300 Morgan Cards
    • 300 Jobe Cards
    • 300 Andrea Cards
  • Cost: 40 Bottles of Wine
  • Stock: 30

25 Benedicts

  • Cost: 100 Bottles of Wine
  • Stock: 5

5,000 Armory Tokens

  • Cost: 30 Bottles of Wine
  • Stock: 10

Weapon Bag

  • Contents: 
    • 10,000 Armory Tokens
    • 1 Varnish
    • 1 Engine Grease
    • 1 Blowtorch
  • Cost: 7 Wine Glasses
  • Stock: 1

1 Blowtorch

  • Cost: 1 Wine Glasses
  • Stock: 3

80 Bottles of Wine ( Survivors Club Only)

  • Cost: FREE
  • Stock: 1